Resplendence: Avocado Masque for that Elegantly Bald Head (Feuille 33)


FRAMES 2, 4, 6

Though there is no special formula, the Gold Lady’s agent told me it’s OK for to mention the avocado masque the Gold Lady makes for her head. It’s how she keeps that shine on her elegantly bald head. The Gold Lady has shared this secret with Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Lawrence Fisburne, Sinead O’Connor, and Jesse Ventura. Patrick Stewart swears by the masque and says it has kept his head nice and shiny through 16 years of Star Trek.

Here is the recipe:

One or two avocadoes
½ lime (add other ½ if desired)
Extra virgin olive oil

All one need to do is mash the avocadoes, squeeze in the limejuice, and splash in the olive oil, but not too much. Mix and mash until pulpy, throw in a handful of mint leaves if desired, and throw the mix into the blender. Puree and immediately apply to the scalp. Let the masque sit for 15 minutes, rinse, and gently dry with a soft towel.

If you are wondering if the Gold Lady really has hair but she gets rid of it to make a fashion statement, the answer is no. She has always been bald; she has never shaved her head or used a depilatory crème. Her halo does a good job of filtering out UV rays, but hats and scarves help as well. When your baldness is timeless, you must do everything you can to keep your head soft and supple.


If a potato masher isn’t available, just use your fingers. That way, your hands get the special moisturizing treatment as well.

Glass bowl by Pyrex to show mixture. We don’t use Amish baskets like Martha Stewart.

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