Resplendence: The Glamourous, Smoky Eye of the Gold Lady (Feuille 34)



Roger, are you paying attention? I hope so because here is your lesson in how to create a glamourous, smoky eye. You always put contrasting colors together and, honey, it’s not how it’s done, especially if you believe yourself to be a manifestion of the Gold Lady. Tyra Banks would back me up here. Here you have the Gold Lady’s eyes not yet transformed. Watch and learn, read and weep.


First, you apply with the brush the light base color. Brush the entire eyelid and area below the eyebrow. Do not attempt Mephisto effect in conjunction with the smoky eye. The Tammy Faye effect is also out of the question. While any color can be used, the idea is to have a subtle but striking look with the eyelids colored the darkest, gradually going lighter the further you get away from the eye.


The next step is to apply the darker color to the eyelids. Take your brush and dust the area below the eyelids, blending the secondary color with the base color. Blend until there is a gradation from darkest near the eyelashes to lightest by the (natural) eyebrows. Finish with liquid eyeliner and black mascara for luscious lashes. Do not apply blue, green, or any other unnatural colors for eyeliner or mascara. No false lashes either!

The finished look of the Gold Lady’s lashes is just stunning! L’Oreal is strongly recommended because that’s what the Gold Lady uses. From L’Oreal you can isolate l’or, which is the French word for gold. Get it?

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