My LiveJournal, RIP

I wish I could say that I was blogging continuously on my LiveJournal page since 2001. Far from the truth. I’ve only had a small handful of posts from the time I used LJ and I retconned them to ShindoTV. Perhaps the next thing I should do is delete the MySpace account. Take those digital horses out to pasture and shoot them.

PS 1:50am
I put the MySpace pages to rest. I had two accounts that were collecting virtual dust. Good riddance.

2 thoughts on “My LiveJournal, RIP

  1. I at least imported the LiveJournal entries. As far as MySpace goes, I stopped using it because a) got bored with it, and b) got spammed a lot, and c) just didn’t have the time to use it. For me, it was digital house cleaning. I wasn’t using them a lot, so not much memories.

    As for Spam, I like the kind that comes in a can, not the online kind.

    I’m bummed Twitter doesn’t keep posts unless you favorite them. Some memories there. I should just used an app for a daily tweet feed.

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