Resplendence: Gold Dust Woman (Feuille 36)


FRAMES 1-2, 5:

The Gold Lady uses powdered gold in her foundation, specifically marketed for her by L’Oreal. Pictured below is a cake of foundation before it is cut down to fit into the compact (lower right). Raw gold dust is pictured in the middle. While the Gold Lady’s skin is naturally shiny, the foundation gives her that special natural glow photographers love so much. Sometimes the Gold Lady wears a special liquid version of the foundation, also from L’Oreal.

If anyone like Roger, wants to buy the stuff, it’s way out of his price range because it contains real gold. You cannot get this at the store. You cannot get this at the store. For more normal skin types, a foundation (mass market) is recommended. A good brush (pictured left) with soft bristles to brush your face is also recommended.


The Gold Lady affirms me with the brushing of her gold dust on me.


I would love a piece of gold dust and for the Gold Lady to give me some would be splendid. A glamourous smokey eye (left) or even a whole sprinkling of my body with gold (above) would be super. I can be as golden as the Gold Lady, at least temporarily.

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