Battlestar Galactica: No Exit

So Say We All! Warning: Spoilers Ahead. This video, courtesy of Sci Fi Channel and Hulu, is temporarily available for you to catch up.

After her resurrection, Ellen Tigh learns that hell is other people. In her case, hell is another person in the form of Cavil and we learn that his name is John. Another thing we learn is that Ellen is indeed mother of the Eight Models. She created Cavil, who behaves more like a petulant child than he does a late fifty-something/early sixty something cynical man. Which then bring us to some other issues.

That Ellen unknowingly had Cylon-on-Cylon sex with John/Cavil – ew! It’s now too Oedipal. But that’s not the only thing about Cavil that’s twisted.

When Cavil his rage over his Centurion ancestors being enslaved by humanity, there’s something very ironic and hollow about it. If he is so concerned about the freedom of all Cylons, he has had an odd way of showing it: enforcing a suppression of sentience in the Centurions and lobotomizing the Cylon raiders after they recognized Sam Anders as a member of the Final Five. His disregard for his fellow Cylons also extends to how he wiped the memories of the Final Five and placed them where they would experience the Holocaust of Humanity, torturing them on New Caprica, and also how he tried to control the other seven models: programming the other six models not to think about the Final Five, killing off the Seven line, boxing Three, and wiping out the Leobens, Sharons, and Sixes when they didn’t go along with him. His inhumanity is this episode is exemplified by his intention to glean the knowledge of Resurrection technology from Ellen Tigh via a dissection of her brain.

Cavil also experiences rage of being limited by his “humanity:” only being able to see limited EM spectra and hearing only certain sound frequencies. He would be better off being a Cylon raider, but he also wants to be God as well.

If Cavil is the man who rebels against God or the gods, then Saul and Ellen Tigh serve symbolically as the Gods. Tigh resembles Odin with his one eye and his sardonic wit, while Ellen is like Frigg, who mourns over the lost Seven line. Seven is described as a sensitive soul, which fits Balder.

That the Seven Cylon models are incapable of reproduction (especially with each other) may be by design. Given that peace with humanity was one of the Final Five’s goal’s, the Final Five may have hoped that the Seven saw that they needed humanity in order to survive.

Also, the Final Five seem capable of conceiving with the Seven. Caprica still looks great for someone pregnant with Saul Tigh’s child, but she also has helped him break a bad habit in the process. Let’s hope he keeps it up. The alcoholism might have been something he brought with him from Earth, but it could have been a nasty trait implanted by Cavil after he turned on them.

Sam Anders, after taking a bullet to his brain, remembers everything and tries to tell Saul, Tory, and Starbuck about the memories while he still can. While his access of the memories was an accident, D’Anna/Three used death deliberately to get information about the Final Five. Each time she died, she got the information in small doses, while Anders is getting one large dose. Through Anders, we learn that the Final Five re-created Resurrection technology, helped Cylons create their “skinjobs” as a condition of ending the First Cylon War, and that Cavil then turned on them. After the bullet is removed, whether Sam Anders lives remains to be seen. Maybe the Final Five have a longer resurrection range.

Oh, the PC guy on the Mac commercials gets to deal with a different kind of computer this time.

After Boomer’s gone over the dark side, she has a moment of redemption as she helps rescue Ellen from one of  Cavil’s Mengele moments. How she’s received in the Fleet next week remains to be seen. Will she get to live in the brig for a while? Shooting the Old Man and turning on him permanently – that might have some serious consequences.

With Ellen reunited with the Final Four next week, will we learn about the mystery of Starbuck? Also, could Baltar be that one Seven model that’s still alive? He certainly seems like he could be Seven/Daniel.

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