Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

Warning: spoilers ahead. To catch up, watch the vid with the deadpan narrator. Unfortunately, she doesn’t say “Goo Bath” in this one. So say we all!

The return of Ellen is not quite the happy homecoming, especially for Saul Tigh and Caprica Six. However, Sharon Valerii receives less than a warm welcome with Adma ordering her thrown in the brig. Tyrol decides to give the Battlestar an internal goo bath, and there are plenty of Sixes and Eights to help spread the Cylon tar over the fractured bulkheads. Concerning Baltar’s flock, he finds himself replaced with a new apostle. Also, we get to see Head Six for the first time in a while.

The opening scene where Caprica Six goes into Dogtown to get a ration of algae is reminiscent of Soylent Green, only that the Green really is green stuff, not… You know the tagline. Everyone clamors for their rations while the Marines have to control the crowds by force. The only thing missing are the bulldozers that scoop up people. Unfortunately for Caprica, she has to deal with some narrow-minded bigots who want nothing more than to commit some serious hate crimes. Fortunately for her, she capably kicks their asses, even with a pregnancy.

Really good line when Ellen steps out the Raptor door: Hotdog’s remark, “How many dead chicks are out there?”

Being reunited never feels so good for Saul and Ellen Tigh, as they need to get a room when she steps out of the raptor. When Saul first began his relationship with Caprica, he projected Ellen’s face onto her. When Ellen and Saul make out on a table, he projects Six’s face onto Ellen. Of course, Ellen’s not too happy to learn about Caprica with Saul’s child, so she wages psychological warefare. Considering she remembers the design, Ellen knows what buttons to push regarding Caprica. Even though Ellen’s no longer safe on Cavil’s gay cruise, it doesn’t stop her from saying that Simon would be interested in her baby. She also gets more vicious than that. When she turns on Saul Tigh, she accuses him of loving Bill Adama more. There’s a bit of Brokeback in that accusation.

Bill Adama and Saul Tigh share a drunken moment together where Saul Tigh jokes his great-grandfather’s a power sander. Being out as a Cylon has done a lot of good for Tigh’s wit.

Towards the end, there’s another Brokeback moment when Tigh turns to Adama for comfort after Caprica Six miscarries.

In Baltar’s short absence during Gaeta’s mutiny, the girls of his cult have become tougher. They have guns, but they also have a new leader: Paula. It’s an interesting name choice as she is like the Apostle Paul, who took over the Christians after Jesus left. Baltar definitely puts on the Jesus act, but he realizes he has to outgun Paula with the help of Head Six. Before, when Head Six appeared to him to give advice about the cult, she wore a red suit, which looked churchy. Now, Head Six wears a sleeveless white gown, which could point to the angelic nature she has implied about herself. Thanks to her and Roslin and the Adamas, Baltar gets to be both Jesus with the giving and Peter, the only apostle to actually take up arms. More importantly, he gains back his flock and even Paula’s impressed with the guns he has procured. The question is, “For how long?”

Even though the Cylons initially vote to move away from the Fleet, there are some signs they’re becoming more a part of the Fleet. Some Cylon pilots fly on patrol. There’s also the work crews helping to salvage the Galactica, but the more telling moment is when Adama and Roslin notice the Cylons have been posting photos of their dead comrades, those who died after the Alliance with the Fleet,  to the Memorial Walls. Some of them are standard Cylon images, but an image of Sharon in the red prison uniform is recycled. There’s also a Six with long hair and a ponytail who could be Natalie. She died to get the alliance started.

Next week promises to help resolve some mysteries about Starbuck. How can she be simultaneously alive and dead at the same time. Stay tuned as Billy Joel gives her the answers to life’s questions.

3 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

  1. I’m glad you’re still so into BSG, man–I wish I was! I think the series has already ended for me. Once they found Earth everything went out the window, in my opinion. I just don’t like any of the characters any more. I want to know what happens just to get some closure, but I’m just sorta bleh on everything.

    ThePete’s last blog post..Ballpoint Adventures for February 24, 2009

  2. I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes so far. There are some story arcs that haven’t had closure. Then it will be the end of an era, but there’s the Doctor. That should be exciting next year.

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