Battlestar Galactica: Someone To Watch Over Me

Here in the teaser, Tyrol fails to convince his fellow Final Fivers to influence the course of Cylon justice for Boomer.

Tyrol is a fool for love and not in an endearing way. He may have married Cally and settled into being her husband and the father of a baby that wasn’t even his, may have even been Tory’s lover in their previous Earthly life, but he’s carried a torch for Boomer for a long time. Needless to say, the newly imprisoned Eight takes advantage of his feelings for her. As for Starbuck, a piano man digs up some unresolved childhood issues and a piece of the mystery regarding the Final Five.
To catch up, hear the deadpan chick narrate the episode under two minutes. No, she doesn’t say “goo bath” this time either.

The rebel Cylons have quickly integrated themselves into Fleet politics and they have been quick to do two things: elect a representative and have an official item of Basestar business. A Six identified as Sonja seems to be off to a good start with Roslin and Adama. Interestingly, her chosen name is a variant of Sophia, introducing her as a wisdom figure. She wants Boomer extradited to the Basestar to be tried for treason and she doesn’t defer at all to Tyrol, even when he openly disagrees with the decision and tries to appeal to Roslin for Boomer’s life.

Tyrol’s helping Boomer escape results in lots of harm:

  1. Two Number Eights being assaulted. He knocks one out to switch her with Boomer in the brig. Boomer in a sexy worker outfit in turn beats up Athena and then fraks Helo in front of her (or the stall she’s thrown in).
  2. Helo unwitting commits adultery and possibly knocks Boomer up. Once again, a woman in Tyrol’s life will have a baby that’s not his. The only positive thing is we get to see the start of Helo taking off his clothes. To be fair to the straight guys, the other positive thing is Boomer taking off most of her clothes.
  3. Boomer kidnaps Hera, a child that’s not hers at all.
  4. Once Adama’s onto Boomer trying to escape and takes measures to prevent it, Boomer’s desperate means to carry out her mission from Cavil cause hull breaches and more damage to the much-battered Galactica.
  5. Crew members, workers, and civilians could have been injured from the damage to the ship and Tyrol can’t blame Saul Tigh this time for the casualties.
  6. Roslin feels Hera’s departure and her heart breaks over it. It is uncertain if she’s even alive at the end.

A casualty report with the number of people hurt or killed is only appropriate. That can probably be determined by next week’s survivor count. Then, there is the harm Tyrol’s done to himself, the Final Five, and his relationship with both the Fleet and the rebel Cylons.

As for Starbuck, the mystery about her deepens with her meeting the Piano Man. It’s clear he’s a vision of her father, though much cleaned up. The tune he keeps hammering out and finally gets her to play is the same one (a version of “All Along the Watchtower”) that switched on the Final Four a season ago. Saul, Tory, and Ellen are shocked to hear Starbuck play the tune, which she claimed to learn during childhood. Also complicating the matter is that Hera scribbled the notes and gave it to Starbuck, which means the song’s deeply encoded in that little girl. Could Starbuck’s father also be a Cylon, but not of the Final Five or the Eight? And then, how does it fit in with Starbuck’s death and resurrection?

Next week, Adama accepts that Galactica may not last that much longer and no amount of Cylon goo will resurrect her. Also, Helo seems to have a major dramatic role in next week’s episode, but he might keep his clothes on. Damn! Of course, for the straight guys, that means no Eights in a state of undress. Everyone got their treat with this week’s episode’s show of skin.

Here is last week’s episode if you’ve missed it:

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