Resplendence: Feuille 39

3321507001_106db8af64_oYou must wonder how I know about Klimt’s painting. I found the picture in one of my brother’s art books when I was at his house, but I was there in Austria in 1907. I was not present when Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres painted his Odalisques, but I know the Gold Lady posed for them as well. As I said about the portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer, if you put the Odalisques under an X-ray, you will see that Ingres was painted the Gold Lady. He painted in her hair, covered up her skin tone, and hid her halo in the shadows. She did wear a scarf around her head, but Ingres, like Klimt, had to cover up that the model was the Gold Lady.

I drew several other Odalisques to prove that they were of the Gold Lady and I sent them to the Louvre with letters asking their experts to examine and verify my claims. I told them they should use X-rays and anything else and they will see I am right. I haven’t heard from them yet. Did I send too many paintings?

When I was in Susan’s office, before I sent the pictures off, I showed her the Gold Lady Odalisques and all she did was nod and write some stuff down. When I told her I was going to write to the Director of the Louvre, Susan just nodded and wrote more stuff down. I know I’m on to something, even if Susan doesn’t seem to believe me.

There has been a long historical agenda to suppress knowledge of the Gold Lady’s existence and I’m going to expose it. I’m going to find out why some people want others to know nothing about the world’s most famous Superstar.

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