Resplendence: Feuille 40

3322338634_33e6b2a62e_oAnyone who was someone before 1987 knew Andy Warhol and the Gold Lady knew him. They were good friends and they were often photographed together. He took Polaroids of her, blew them up on silk screens, made scribbles around her image, and then did paintings of her in many colors. A Warhol of the Gold Lady is worth a lot more than the ones he did of Marilyn Monroe, and those are worth a lot, especially the ones shot by Valerie Solanis.

I have wondered why the Gold Lady was not there to save Andy Warhol when Valerie Solanis went into the Factory and shot him. If the Gold Lady is eternal and outside of time, then she could have gone back to that moment, slapped that bullet away, and kicked Valerie Solanis’s ass. When I ask her about it in our phone conversations, the Gold Lady told me could not change history; she can only be there if she was mean to be part of that event. Even if she wanted to stop Andy from getting shot, there was no way she could.

Whenever I said, “You are perfect, you could have stopped it,” she would say, “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you.” Andy Warhol even said she was perfect in a video where she is being painted by Keith Haring. I think she is being too modest when she says she is not perfect because she is the one Supreme Being who will bring us into the 22nd century where men and women, and even Andy, have lost their hair. She brought me forward to that perfect age; maybe that’s why there’s ab attempt to cover up her existence. They are afraid of the change she would bring.

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