Just the Best and the Brightest

My friend Avril gave me this vid’s link in a comment to an earlier blog entry, and then we both posted it in our Facebook profiles.

This video makes me want to hide in shame as an American. I haven’t traveled that much, but come on! The news is now on the frakking web and most of it free! Also, how many of these people have paid attention in school? Most can’t point out countries on a map. Oh, and it gets better. Some can’t tell how many sides there are to a triangle. The reporter didn’t ask them something difficult, such as what is an isosceles or a hypoteneuse.

The attempts to tell the reporter who Tony Blair is—priceless!

A really fun one – they should try to identify the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I’d let them think it’s Harriet Jones. 😉

I were the reporter, I’d ask them what cynical means. After all, I knew one person who didn’t know the meaning and he couldn’t be bothered to use the dictionary!

2 thoughts on “Just the Best and the Brightest

  1. It’s not fair. The reporter should have given them the questions in advance, you know, like how the 43rd President famously upbraided a reporter for not doing so. 😉

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