Resplendence: Feuille 41

3321511819_1f5406f401_oBald-headed woman! She’s every woman in the world to me! The Bee Gees were singing about the Gold Lady for sure. I know the words got changed to “More than a woman,” but they worked it in subliminally because they have wives. They did not want them to know the true source of their inspiration.

The Gold Lady was the one who got them to raise their voices high enough to become famous. She was also John Travolta’s dance partner in Saturday Night Live. Men who danced well have always done it for the Gold Lady and John Travolta can put the Man with the 4-Way Hips to shame! This was way before she met the Man, way before he inspired that song by the Tom Tom Club. Not only did the Gold Lady do the movie with John Travolta, she was often seen with him at Studio 54 when that place was cool. I asked her if she could ever bring me back in time, but she told me I was never meant to be there.

In the picture, she is bald because you see her as she is.  In the movie, they added hair and a different skin color in post-production. Why is it that the Gold Lady must be kept secret? Why can’t everyone see her for the glamorous being she is?

Resplendence will return with “Glamour” on March 16.

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