BSG post – delayed

I’m really sorry about not posting the BSG post. I’ll post that on Friday morning, which leads up to the next to last episode.

It’s hard to believe the show’s almost over. The reinvention of the cheesey 1970’s franchise has been brilliant, despite Ronald D. Moore coming up with some half-baked ideas. I’m still appalled he had no idea who the Final Five were from the beginning and that some episodes were downright sloppy. Overall, the show has been intensely more human and dramatic than its predecessor, and that’s quite an accomplishment, warts and all.

I haven’t seen a clip of Deadpan Chick telling us what happened with last week’s episode. I wanted to hear her summarize it, even if she doesn’t say “goo bath.” Hopefully, she’ll do a recap before the finale.

Enjoy Ronald D. Moore’s commentary on “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

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