Battlestar Galactica: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Listen to Deadpan Chick catch us all up on last week’s BSG episode.

There is my promised BSG post. Only bummer is two more episodes and the show is finis. C’est tout.

There are still numerous Sixes and Eights in their sexy worker uniform patching up the insides of the Galactica with Cylon tar. No Tyrol this time overseeing the joint workforce. Instead, it’s an anonymous deck chief who’s not enthusiastic to work with the Cylons but is later impressed that a honey-blonde Six gives her life to save everyone else when there’s a hull breach in their work area.

How come there aren’t any Leobens in the sexy male version of the Cylon worker outfits?

Adama soon accepts that it may be the end for the Galactica. The new council of ship captains do as well, but most of them wish to cannibalize the old ship. Adama, however, seems to have other plans for it, which should play out next week. Perhaps we’ll find out more about how Kara Thrace is the Harbinger of Death. The Hybrids, which now include Sam Anders, keep saying it. Some Cylon algorithm keeps pointing them to it.

Even though we get treated to some shirtless Anders, it’s not sexy at all. I’m sure someone will find him bald and hooked up to a machine hot, but not me. I don’t like the idea of Sam Anders turned into a jibberish spouting bionic zombie in a milkbath. Perhaps the Sixes and the Eights did more harm than good in hooking him up to the Basestar Hybrid’s back-up equipment. He’ll never be, for lack of a better term, human again.

Baltar ultimately proves he is full of shit with two women in his life. First, when he tries to invite Caprica Six into his fold (and hopefully back into his life), she tells him he hasn’t changed at all, but she has. She has also managed to change Tigh for the better, though it may not take Ellen to undermine that now that Caprica lost her unborn child. Kara Thrace, one-time Baltar fling and later anti-Baltar rebel on New Caprica, asks Baltar to test the dogtags from her dead self found on Earth. Baltar confirms the blood on the dogtags are Kara’s, but he exploits this information to spread his gospel of eternal life at the end. Barely containing Paula with the supply of guns for the flock, Baltar has certainly found a new way to keep his flock on his side with his proclamation of Starbuck as living proof of eternal life.

Boomer kidnaps Hera, bonds with her, and flies off to the giant butthole in space. Actually, it’s the Cylon colony, but who knows what BSG’s creative staff were thinking. Deep Space Nine‘s Bajoran Wormhole also liked a sphincter in the diagrams, so that makes two shows that Ronald D. Moore was involved in where these visuals occured. Now to the present. Unfortunately, the new relationship between Hera and Auntie Boomer is shortlived as Cavil takes her to be examined by Simon.

Speaking of parents, Saul may have embraced his Cylonhood, but he hasn’t embraced Ellen’s revelation about them being parents of the Eight. When a dying Eight tells him she gets to see her father before she dies, he doesn’t return any warm gesture. He’s still fiercely loyal to most of the crew of Galactica (those who didn’t mutiny, anyway).

Helo has to deal with the aftermath of frakking someone who looked liked his wife, as Athena’s not so happy. Plus, Adama has to keep him and Athena from going on a very risky mission to rescue their daughter. At least Adama having lost a son before comes in handy. However, Helo and Athena will no doubt volunteer for the Battlestar’s final mission and giving the Cylon Colony a much needed suppository. Maybe Athena will knock Boomer around for what happened the week before. Somehow, I don’t think Boomer sharing projections with Hera makes up for everything else she did.

Roslin has some more Opera House visions, but we’re still not much closer to learning truth about the vision. However, she will most likely expire along with the show, as she didn’t look too well here.

No sign of a rock, and no winner of Feldercarb toothpase. Hopefully all is revealed tonight and next week.

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