Happy Easter & see you soon…

Happy Easter, everyone!

It’s been a week of not being on the blog and a week after my April Fool’s joke. No, Walmart did not buy my website. A big huge sell-out like that, however, would have been nice. I am clearly in the wrong line of work if I keep having financial bail-out fantasies, especially those that enable me to quit my job(s).

ShindoTV’s had a nice little hiatus. Time to get back. The midterm’s over and it’s back to life as normal for the rest of the semester. More posts to come. No, I’m not going to do Twitter recaps for blog posts. I know it makes someone feel like they’re blogging, but it’s the type of stuff that offends me as a reader.

Before getting back to normal, here’s an item that we should all find amusing. Does the GOP even know teabagging is?

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