Let’s Get Retarded!

Perez Hilton writes catty little posts about celebs and vandalizes their photos with mean little jokes. This, of course, has pissed them off over the past several years of his blogging, bad hair, and weight fluctuations. Unfortunately, he called Will.I.Am a faggot (publicly, not in writing), which was incredibly stupid, resulting in him getting punched out. Then came the glee fests on Twitter and celebrity backlash towards him. I guess it boils down to how whether people like the victim or not. That I find appalling, because if no one likes you, apparently you deserve it. You are seriously fucked.

Oh, he had it coming. How original. Can you say cliché? It still doesn’t make the assault right.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Retarded!

  1. Actually, if the dude called someone a “faggot” that kind of is justifying a punch in the face. I mean, yeah, physical violence is rarely really justified, but we’re not talking a life sentence in jail or a capital punishment. Perez Hilton will live to be petty, stupid, shallow and insulting again, but hopefully, he’ll remember that there are consequences to his liberal use of his free speech rights–just like there are for all of us (which is why most of us aren’t his brand of douchebag).

  2. In that situation, most people would have resorted to saying “Fuck off” and/or walked away instead of coming up with slurs, which are fighting words. Perez’s new mantra should be, “Bitch, you ain’t worth my time.” Only, he should take out “bitch” as that might set someone off again.

    As for free speech, it’s easy to protect the speech we like, but the real test is with those we don’t like at all. For lots of people, he’s a major test.

    While I’m not the resident Buddhist in my little blog network, perhaps Perez’s mouth and the repercussions of are lessons in right speech. Speech may free, but it’s not always right. Also, a lot of people have felt harmed by his speech, whether it was on his blog, nasty little things he’s done in public, or even more recently with the absurd slur he shot at Will.I.Am. Speech can hurt. I’d never play that down.

  3. You must be joking, right? Based on your unintelligent Tweet to me where you chose to dumb down a highly controversial topic by responding with what amounts to name calling, I’m not at all surprised to find you defending Perez Hilton. You alluded to the fact that some people are coming down on Perez because we don’t think he fits a stereotype for gay men. What stereotype? What gay man? Let me tell you something and you better print this one out before you start to read it and you might want to get our your highliter, your ruler or whatever it is you use to read things beacuse the last time I tried to have a conversation with you, you resorted to throwing unintellegent, ignorant words my way.

    I would hold anyone who said the word “fag” or “faggot” to the fire. ANYONE and EVERYONE. And I do. If I hear the word used in public, I say something. I don’t care if I know the person or not. I make sure that every time that word, which has caused me a lot of grief and anger in my life, understands that it is a hurtful, hateful word. I don’t care care who you are, that word is horrible.

    My issue is not that I dislike the way Perez looks. My issue is not that I think somehow Perez should be barred from sharing his opinions, as biased as they may be. My issue, which you clearly do not understand because you’re so offended by this stereotype issue is this: Perez Hilton wants to be famous, he wants to be popular and he so desperately wants to be a celebrity that he will do anything and say anything to hang on to any shred of relevance he can. He’s proven this twice already this year: first with Carrie Prejean and now with the incident in Toronto and this frivolous lawsuit in LA Superior Court. Someone who claims to be relevant, on the cutting edge of gossip and journalism as Perez Hilton purports, has just as much responsibility for himself as I do – a complete and utter nobody online. Can I get away with saying that word to someone? No. If I said it, I’d want to be called out on it. Just the same, Perez has no less level of accountability.

    You have an issue with those of us who are supposedly attacking Perez’s free speech rights. It’s quite the contrary, and I’m sorry you can’t get over the stereotype issue to see the bigger picture here. Free speech enables us the ability to have an open dialogue, as fiesty as that may be, to criticize poorly chosen words, just like Perez did here. I’m not attacking the idea of free speech and neither is anyone else. You, me, anyone has the right to say anything they want. Just look at his website, for example. Perez clearly says what he wants and has anyone ever come out against him? Why, no they haven’t. And the reason? I can’t say for certain, but I bet it’s because while they understand they have the right to counter Perez’s words with their own right of free speech, they just assume be quiet. Even Carrie Prejean, whom I do not agree with and do not support, kept her criticisms of Perez off the record, and why? There’s a certain level of decorum and professionalism one should have when in the center of media spotlight. It has a little something to do with integrity, which apparently Perez is not concerned with as a “journalist.” Opposing the use of free speech is one thing, coming down on those who support the idea of it is quite another.

    Stop defending him. Stop wrapping your defense of him in this veil of free speech. Someone’s right to free speech STOPS when it harms someone else, and whether you like him or not Perez’s ignorant vernacular proves this point to be true. What Perez did is tantamount to hate speech – and I don’t care which side of the fence he’s on. I dare argue that he had even MORE responsibility to not use that word as a gay man himself. While it may not personally offend him to be called a “fag” using the word only makes it more painful for those who do find it offensive. For example, the 11 year old boy, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, in Massachusetts who in April committed suicide after being taunted and teased by his classmates who called him “gay.” He didn’t need to end his life over that word, and if those kids had been taught that this word is not acceptable to be used in every day language, a young life would have been saved. Their use of the word “gay” is not protected under free speech. If someone as famous and popular (good, bad or otherwise) can’t himself censor his words in public then he should be held accountable for that and I sure as hell am going to do it because as a self-respecting citizen of the United States of America, I am not going to allow anyone to put my rights in jeapordy. Ever. What’s more is that people like me should not be barred from holding him accountable for his poor actions in the mean time, because just as we have the right to free speech, we have the responsibility to act civilized and care for one another. Regardless of how you feel about a person, regardless of whether or not you are their loved one or a friend we must take responsibility for our own words, not take them for granted.

    And as I’ve said many times about this incident and Perez, I will say to you: If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.


  4. @daniel: As much as you may not agree with my take on free speech, I do try to live by it. I practice what I preach. I am respecting your free speech rights by approving this comment you thoughtfully took some time to type.

    As for telling you to fuck off, I apologize. I’m not going to make any excuses for it, but I would have been wiser to “hold my tongue” on that. I read your comment and reacted to it too quickly.

    Oh, BTW, you weren’t the only person to show disagreement with on the Twitter realm. Several friends also didn’t agree with me, especially with ThePete’s comment on this post.

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