Why Don’t You Get A Blog?

Comments, whenever they come, are nice. I enjoy getting comments on my blog entries and this has especially helped me develop  relationships with other bloggers over the years. Every once in a while, there’s that person who comes by, especially when your post is about something controversial, and they just have to comment ad infinitum about it. My response is, “Dude, why don’t you get a blog?”

While I don’t have an official comments policy, ThePete has a policy that covers a lot of the issues that came up with this comment I got in my Perez post last week. ThePete didn’t agree with me and we were cool. However, there was this person, Daniel on Twitter, who felt compelled to leave this long-ass rant. Just to clarify, I don’t follow this Daniel on Twitter, but he piggy-backed on a conversation between me and a mutual friend about Perez’s use of the F word. At one point, he insulted me and I told him to frack off. From there, it felt like one of those night club arguments that seems to be over until the belligerent person confronts you at the door when you leave. With this comment, it was more like being followed to my virtual home. And, being a good host, I posted his comment, even though I thought about just deleting it without it ever seeing the light of day. Ah, but poor Daniel took so much time to type it, and I respect free speech rights.

Given that, I probably should adopt a policy similar to ThePete’s, as it’s pretty reasonable. I also find it irritating when someone tries to piggyback off my posts, which is on my blog. Exercising the right to moderate isn’t a bad thing. I’m not that desperate for comments.

I was tempted to comment on last week’s immense comment, to have fun ripping it apart, but it’s not really worth my time. As for you, Daniel, YOU REALLY NEED TO GET A BLOG. You and all the others like you. It isn’t really that hard as anyone can set one up on Blogger, WordPress, and even MySpace. You can even use Facebook‘s Notes application, which is pretty much for people who pretend to have a blog. Try it and rant to your wounded heart’s content.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Get A Blog?

  1. Hmmmm….looking at Daniel’s twitter page and notice he’s a bit obsessed with PH!! Now, I am not a fan of PH…even though I am following him…I just want to see what he’ll say next!!

    That “word” brought back a lot of bad memories for Daniel!! He has to deal with this issue and not make long “blogs” on other people’s blogs.
    .-= Avril´s last blog ..DSCF3919 =-.

  2. His obsession with Perez was really funny – at one point he had tiles of Perez’s image with the caption “Unfollow Perez” on his twitter page. Considering he told me to grow up and get over being called the F word when younger, he’s apparently not over it himself. Who knows – maybe Perez reminds him of one of those juvenile homophobic bullies. Or he nurses a secret crush on Perez. Or both. In any case, I’ll file under DRAMA QUEEN.

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