Some updates for the summer

Just a few updates:

  • I am teaching summer school, a freshman composition course, at the urban college. I think I’ve established this earlier, but a crazy need to earn an income during the summer compelled me to do it. Taking on an eight week course that pretends to be a sixteen week one is sheer insanity, but it comes with the job. My other option – go on unemployment. Ever since I used those benefits a few years ago, I decided I didn’t want to go through that again, even if it is a union-won right. The initial processing is slow, the handling of the claims is unforgiving, the EDD staffers are nasty and condescending, and the payout isn’t great. Given that the economy’s is beyond bad and the great State of California is paying everyone in IOU‘s, collecting unemployment is a nightmare. In lieu of having an easy summer (where I could do things like get writing done), I’ll go with self-respect and the treadmill of work.
  • Speaking of work, I just started my now annual summer tradition of teaching at the foreign language school. While I may not have interesting tales such as that of Juju, my group of students seem like a nice bunch from Europe. I also have something to keep me occupied in the mornings for a while and more income to avoid the dole. The class is in one of San Diego’s older high-rises, so I get to reprise the fun of teaching from on high, this time on the 13th floor. I might even walk up the stairs every morning like I did last year. It sure beats the elevators, which get too crowded in the morning and early afternoon. Also, a 13 story hike has some other benefits.
  • I have been continuously volunteering a few hours a week at my local branch library since March. Of course, I’ve done it to gain some experience in the library field, especially as I’ll start work on my MLIS degree in the fall. I’ve learned a lot about it, which I think about posting on. It would definitely be good material, but I’m also considering how much is appropriate. In looking for more practical experience, I’ve also been on a job search to get some experience that pays. Some openings have come up with the city library system, and I’m applying. Definitely wish me luck. Going after a civil service job in a bad economy sounds crazy, but the gamble is just as high with the private sector. Thankfully, I’m not looking for a job with the State of California.
  • Comic-Con tickets sold out so early this year, so I’m not going unless A) I pay a ridiculous sum after bidding for a pass on e-Bay, or B) someone comps me. I can’t and I definitely won’t do option A, and B is iffy. Personally, I think Comic-Con held a lot of their passes to make more from auctioning them off, as they would announce the eBay listings every so often on their Twitter page. Greedy bastards. Perhaps a break from this annual event, which is outgrowing the San Diego Convention Center, is a good thing. Being at Comic-Con this year could very well induce agoraphobia for me.
  • I am approaching the one year anniversary of me getting my iPhone 3G. I can’t do any upgrades without parting with a few hundred dollars, which I’m not going to do anyway. I can get a new one at upgrade price in December, but I might as well wait for July next year, as whatever model that will render the 3Gs obsolete will come out. My concession prize for upgrading the firmware for my iPhone is cut and paste (oooh! aaaah!) and a voice recorder (podcasts, here I come!). What I don’t get are the video recording capability (need new phone for that) and multi-media text messages, which AT&T will support later. Whatever!

That’s it for right now. More to come. Shindo out.

3 thoughts on “Some updates for the summer

  1. “The initial processing is slow, the handling of the claims is unforgiving, the EDD staffers are nasty and condescending, and the payout isn’t great.”

    Wow, differnt from Ireland!! When my hours were cut, I found I could collect some benefits to make up for what is missed: I work 3 days, 24 hours total….nothing more! Then “unemployment” paid me 2 days, plus an extra day….. So, I got 3 days worth!! Trust me it was pretty good, I wasn’t losing too much money and I could still live my life as before! Processing was quick!!!!!!! The staff whether it was Macroom or Cork city were both nice and very helpful (I think Americans are just plain miserable….the attitude shows it). The pay out was alright!!

    The only negative, is that you have to have worked in Ireland for 2 years before your able to collect! I exceeded that!!

  2. The EDD provides benefits of 75% of a base period from the past 18 months of work. That’s not really much to live on. It’s an inefficient state instution that has horrible people on the phones. They are not like the nice people of Cork or Macroom at all. They make you feel like the scum of the earth when having to take unemployment is demoralizing enough.

    As much as the idea of being unemployed and having to take benefits scares me, I would not shed much tears over the EDD being done away with as a casualty of California’s fiscal crisis. Yes, this is more of an emotional statement than an objective one, as the EDD fails in what its mission is as a service – to be humane. Maybe it would do EDD staffers much good to get terminated from their jobs and have to eke out a living on the dole for a while. Oh, I forgot. That’s what IOU’s are now.

  3. Or maybe they could get shipped off to Ireland and get retrained…. including their humanity. Oops, I forgot these people get off on being nasty and feeling superior!!!
    .-= Avril´s last blog ..Miribel =-.

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