Languor is Chic

It’s one of those awful things – I never appreciate free time until I have none. Having the summer gig at the language school and the night class at the urban college are great as they provide me with some income until the fall. For the urban college class, I read lots of material for discussion and have a never ending supply of papers to grade. Plus, I volunteer a few hours a week at my local branch library.

Getting into the rhythm of this during the past few weeks makes me sleepy. I’m not a morning person and now I find myself having to wake up much earlier than 8am. It’s not as bad as it was a few summers ago when I was waking up 3 or 4am and I was doing lots of prep work before a super-early summer class at the urban college. That caused me to to have some all-day, all-night sleep-a-thons at least two times. One of them was sleeping in on a friend’s birthday party. The worst that happened to me recently was that I slept in on an appointment to get a haircut. I called the guy up, I got there ASAP, and he squeezed me in with my lateness. He was booked and it was cool of him to do that. I just wouldn’t make a habit of it. Just to cover myself next month, I had him book me an hour later. Hopefully, no more sleep-a-thons.

I miss taking some time to prepare for the night class. More importantly, I miss time to dick around and give myself time to concentrate on reading wonderful books and literature. The reality is, I frittered too much of my time away, especially on watching stupid reality TV on Bravo. Or Twitter and Facebook. Given that I don’t have an in-front-of-the-computer job, being on these social networks is a horrible waste of time. Twitter’s great on the iPhone during breaks, but Facebook doesn’t show as well. When I had more time, I constantly thought about how to make better use of time. Now with less time, I think about what to do in the hours in-between things. Though, honestly, sometimes all I need to do is give myself a break.

That said, goodnight, everyone. I know it will be morning by the time most of you read this.

One thought on “Languor is Chic

  1. Oh, I completely understand. I think TV is the reason I’m not productive. While I think (or maybe I tell myself this) I watch a lot less TV than my peers do I still think I watch way too much television and mess around on Facebook way more than I’ll ever admit. Today, when I had the strength to turn the tv off and really focus, I actually debated unplugging the tv and turning it to face the wall so I wouldn’t be tempted to watch it anymore. Sadly, I’m addicted to television and even while I was so focused today on the work I did on my computer, I found myself signing into facebook more times than ever would be necessary. I also debated canceling my account, which I know won’t happen because networking is something I love. All that being said, I think making some kind of list or schedule is the only way to get anything done in an era when we are addicted to the TV and our computers.

    Maybe we wouldn’t feel so guilty if TV was actually good. I am guilty though of watching reruns of Frasier and Senfield which I do believe are good tv. I don’t know, now I’m rambling.

    One last thing, a few years ago when I was still living with my parents, my mom gave up TV for Lent and as a result the whole family was productive. I wonder if I should try it during Lent next year. The question is, who has that kind of discipline?
    .-= onemeanmfa´s last blog ..De-Cluttering the Brain =-.

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