Resplendence: Feuille 48

(Left) The Gold Lady doesn’t have a halo when she is in her human form, but I think the halo makes her look very complete. (Lower right corner) The Gold Lady’s lethal, ass-kicking shoes. Silk crepe scarf to go with the dress on the (lower) left.

She is the one Supreme Being, whose lips and hips (and elegantly bald head) will always be her greatest things, and she’s dressed to kick ass—all her dresses are couture, made specially for her, and she doesn’t buy her dress off the rack.

She is a saint and much more. See her halo? That just shows she’s the Sweet Divine Thing, the World Famous Gold Lady.

She can dodge bullets faster than the guy in The Matrix and she can kick some serious ass, so I wouldn’t mess with with her if I were you.

I clipped some pictures out of a magazine to show she is real though I had to draw in the halos because they don’t show when she takes the form in the three cutouts. Susan, the medical student assigned to my case ever since Dr. Marcus was “dismissed,” has tried to tell me the woman in the photograph is a woman named Alek Wek. I just told her, “So she is, maybe that’s what she wants to be when she doesn’t feel like being the Gold Lady.”

If that is so, she is also Grace Jones and Erykah Badu. It really doesn’t matter, she is famous anyway. 

The Gold Lady has helped me get through some very hard times and I would not be alive without her. I’d hate to lose the Gold Lady though Susan keeps trying to get me into “real people reality.”

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