I Have My Life Back

I have my life back… in the digital sense, that is.

For almost 3/4 of a year, I’ve been without a computer of my own. As mentioned in a previous post, I lost my MacBook in a public library and I’ve borrowed a couple of computers since then. As much as those computers saved my life at times, it wasn’t quite the same. I couldn’t truly use them for photos, for music, or even looking at porn. Well, I really don’t use porn (even if one of the owners wouldn’t have minded), and whether you believe me or not on this issue is up to you. Given that, it is nice to have a personal computer where I can do a lot of private things, unfortunately some of them pretty banal things such as paying bills or looking at bank statements.

A week ago, I found someone getting rid of their perfectly good MacBook for a bargain price on Craigslist and I jumped on it. Most people trying to sell their used and abused computers on that site and elsewhere get very greedy, so I always have respect for that person who sells at a reasonable price that is still profitable to them. It’s how I’ve always operated whenever I sell my used books on Amazon.Com. For the most part, the computer was the same as the one I lost, except that it was black and fully equipped with the new Snow Leopard system.

An important thing for me was that I was able to plug my external hard drive into the device and access my music files. One of my loaner computers was a Gateway with Vista, which mean it wasn’t readable. I had been without music for quite a while except for a few CD’s I bought in the past several months, and I soon tired of playing them in my car stereo. I went through my files and my backup CD’s and DVD’s, and I managed to get most of the music I had in the past restored to how I had it before losing the computer and the iPod.

I dropped the iPhone from my lifestyle. It was costing me too much to keep it. Once I got all the messy bill issues resolved and I was eligible for an “upgrade,” I got a Sony Ericcson flipphone and went for a 400 minute plan (which rolls over because I hardly jabber on it). Some weird loophole in my account has made it possible for me to get another iPhone at the lower cost, but I’m in no hurry to have “face time” on the new 4G model.

As for the MacBook, it stays home. I don’t want another incident like the one at the library last year. Also, I know that if I carry around several items with me on the go, I’m bound to lose one of them. I’ve lost a Swiss Army watch, two iPods, and, of course, that other MacBook this way. Perhaps when I save a few pennies to get an iPad, I’ll tote that around because I’d rather lose that than another fully functional computer. That way, when I’m in the mood for coffee house writing, I can do it. In the mean time, Moleskines willl do just fine for writing stories and poems outside of that room of my own.

That all said, it’s good to have a computer of my own.

3 thoughts on “I Have My Life Back

  1. Welcome back, Shindo-san! I feel your pain on the MacBook front. Mine died back in early June and I’ve been splitting time between my wife’s MacBook and my underpowered netbook. I hear you on the cost problems on keeping an iPhone, too. Remember, though, that it works pretty well via wifi even without a wireless plan. That’s basically how I’ve been using it for a while.

    But at least you’ve got your own laptop again–congratulations! I hope to see more content from you soon. I also hope you’re otherwise doing well!

  2. @RichandCreamy – Guard your computer(s) carefully. Losing computers in this economy – not recommmended.

    @ThePete: Thanks! It’s good to have the MacBook back as I feel I have more options. I kept my iPhone post-contract, and it’s been great with WIFI, but it doesn’t do everything – can’t word process or edit movies from my camera. I’m sorry to hear about your MacBook, but I’m glad to hear about your resourcefulness and your wonderful wife’s support in your one-computer-less time. And I’m doing weill, in much better spirits since March.

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