Minimally Shindo

I’ve used the Vigilance template for little over a year and it got old. For a while, I reverted to Colors, the one with all the color pencils. It did the job for a bit before I came out of my hiatus. And then began the search for a minimalist template that didn’t look like it was a WordPress default, and I found Cleanr, which really lives up to its name: a white background with clean, bold sans-serif headers and legible Roman font. Even with all that prefab wonderfulness, I still have to clean some things up, such as my links page and a few other things. Sometimes I think about tweaking a few things, such as link colors, because I prefer to have links in pale violet blue (not to be confused with lavender). Overall, it’s an attractive and efficient design, so I have no complaints.

I didn’t quite expect to come out of my hiatus tapping into the darker depths of my soul. Bosses are strange creatures. Like I feel about most co-workers, I often don’t care what bosses are up to when I’m on my own time. Unfortunately, most people spend more time with the people they work with more than their families. Is it any wonder bosses, annoying co-workers, and students have gotten under my skin at one time or another? There’s more material here. Whether I want to go there or not is another thing altogether, but it always makes for something interesting.

I’ve got some lighter topics I want to write as well and there’s Comic-Con and Pride coming later in July. It should be quite a season on ShindoTV.

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