1970’s Ugly? Sounds About Right

Photo by ThePete.

Guessing someone’s age is always a touchy subject, especially when they’re over 30. Guess someone’s age to be over 40 and you’re dead. Consequently, whenever I make a guess about how old someone is, I keep my real answer to myself. I find it’s better to let them say it, that way I can gush that they look great. Given the risks in knowing out loud someone’s age, it’s much more fun to figure out what era’s a building’s from.

When I saw ThePete‘s tweet and later his post about the building pictured above (at 13th St & 8th Ave), I guessed it was built in the 1970’s, a definite design period for ugly buildings. Having grown up in San Diego, I’ve seen my fair share of 1970’s architecture, much of still around even with all the new development county-wide over the past few decades. It’s just a hunch.

The difference between this NYC building & the ones in San Diego is that the San Diego buildings from the 1970’s remind me of people with excessive suntans whereas this mirrored building definitely has an East Coast pallor (not accounting for summertime complexions). However, there’s something still pretty scary about being close to leather or downright pasty. Unlike people, the buildings don’t really stand to get offended or hurt. The architects might. That is, if we’re lucky enough to talk about their buildings within earshot at a cocktail party.

2 thoughts on “1970’s Ugly? Sounds About Right

  1. Hey, thanks for the linkback! Glad I provided some inspiration 🙂

    And you’re right about guessing people’s ages–funny how we all know that’s the way it’s done (guess low or don’t guess) and yet we all play our roles of being offended/happy when we hear the wrong/right answer.

    Ah, humans! We’re just goofy!

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