Resplendence: Feuille 51

I’ve been walking around downtown Santa Monica and I haven’t been able to find the Gold Lady. I find a phone booth and dial her mobile phone number. She’s not answering.

Since I can’t find her anywhere, I go to the pier and ask the silver Cat Woman. She bows and makes whirring noises, and then points to the downtown area.

“The Promenade?” I ask her and she nods yes. I checked the Promenade, the area that is closed to cars, but I did not see her there. I return to the mall, walk down a block, and I don’t see her.

I hear someone behind me call her name. It’s my brother Dylan and Shin is with him. Shin runs up to me and explains to me that he called Dylan after he saw me on the train. He tries to tell me that I should go home with Dylan, but I tell him that I have to find the Gold Lady.

As we cross the street to the other block, I see the lovely black woman I saw at Horton Plaza. Her dress has so many mirrors sewn into it, reflecting the sunlight in so many different directions, and she is wearing a diamond bracelet and earrings along with a pair of silver shoes. Her blackness soon burns away, revealing her to be the Gold Lady.

She holds her hand out to me, and soon everything around us stops—the people, the cars at the intersection, the breeze, and even Dylan, who is frozen in mid-air running after me.

“So she is real,” Shin says to me , and the Gold Lady touches my head and heals me. I say goodbye to Shin and soon become part of the Gold Lady. She integrates me into her being. Shin asks her what he should tell Dylan and she tells him that he will be able to come up with an explanation that satisfies Dylan’s rationalistic logic. She becomes black again and everything starts to move again. Shin tells Dylan that I somehow got away. The Gold Lady puts on some lipstick and she is ready to bring the world into the 22nd century.

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