Resplendence: Feuilles 52 & 53: Coda

The truth be told, I did not become part of the Gold Lady. I learned that she was a part of my being. It would be fabulous if I was the Gold Lady and I found in my purse the keys to the Gold Mercedes. How splendid would it be to drive down Santa Monica Boulevard. I did however, ride down that street with Dylan. It took him forever to find me.

I knew I had to come home. Who would tell the story about the Gold Lady if I didn’t? I certainly could not let Roger do that. He has his own ideas about the Gold Lady, but he’s more like Madame Satã. If Roger is anything like that Brazilian legend, I would see his show. I have a book and this is my show.

I’ve drawn so many pictures, written so many things. When I got out of the hospital, I called Shin and I showed him all my stuff, He was a little nervous at first, but Dylan convinced him that I was OK. Shin helped me arranged the images so that the story could be told. I even have a few of Roger’s drawings. They’re going into the book too.

Shin asked me what I wanted the book to be called and I really did not know what to tell him. I told him “The Gold Lady,” but he told me the this book is as much about me as it is about her. I found the title in two of my drawings. One was called Resplendence and the other was called Elegance. I liked Elegance, but Shin said it should be called Resplendence because the Gold Lady is resplendent and so am I. She shines and I shine. She is radiantly fabulous, but I learned that I am as well. So the book shall be called Resplendence.

I met the Gold Lady and she changed my life forever.


Drawings and text by yours truly, Benjamin Jonathan Nelson, AKA Benny Nelson.

Compiled and edited by Shinichi Evans.

The Stars:

Benny Nelson and the Gold Lady.

Additional Players:

Edmund, Roger, Dylan Nelson, Shinichi Evans, Susan H., Christian Presley AKA Man with the 4-Way Hips, Bryan with a Y, and even the evil Dr. Marcus. (Editior’s note: Let’s not forget that Ella deCastro Baron was in “Benny’s Narratives” and “My Bald Avenger.”)

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the online version of the book. – B

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