The Resplendent Journey

Divine Thing

It’s almost been two years since I’ve serialized Resplendence on ShindoTV. It’s definitely been quite a journey. As far as ongoing projects go, this one has come to completion. Several years ago, I put this project together to satisfy my MFA degree. I took a thesis template, tweaked it, and created a limited print edition for San Diego State University Library and their special collections, my thesis chair, my friend Scott, my mother, and myself. Writing and compiling was a definite process over several years and and this book, which cost about $500 to print and bind, was what I had to show for the work.

For most people to read the project, they’d have to go to my alma mater and go to the Love Library. This limits the audience, though the advantage for them is that the book is inexpensive to read. They can spend all day in one of the floors of the library and read it, or they can check it out and take their time. The problem is only one person can have it at a time.

My next step was to serialize the work on my website. I wanted the work to be accessible to more people and create an interest. I hope I have managed to do so. A majority of the text (save one or two pages) have been posted and the text and images can be seen by anyone. Benny’s had a journey to sanity on his own terms, right in front of the world. And he’s shown everyone the Gold Lady.

Now the next step is to get this thing into print, where people can buy it. It shall be done and it shall be called Resplendence.

I dedicated the thesis to my friend Scott, if he wanted it┬╣. I dedicate the online version to Jaylen, if he wants it. He’s been on a writing journey of his own for the past two years.

Thank you everyone for sharing in the Resplendent Journey so far. – Shindo

┬╣inside joke – see The Lost Language of Cranes by David Leavitt.

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