So Big It Has Two or More Hashtags

This year, I decided to do Comic-Con right. I was on it when tickets went on sale. I bought the four day pass, and I got to go to Preview Night, which is a perk that only came with tickets like mine, not the one day passes or the ones that were comped. My feeling like I had access to something exclusive was short-lived, as there were lots of holders of passes good from Wednesday to Sunday, like mine. I suddenly found myself a dime a dozen and even occasionally getting pushed and shoved like I would on any other day, especially Saturday, the most busiest day of Comic-Con. The lines for some things, such as experiencing the space travel pods in the Aliens franchise were ridiculously long and the queue management was just as bizarre and confusing. I got to experience the usual oooh’s and aah’s of all the displays and exhibits coupled with sprinklings of people who just did not know how to walk in a crowd. The benefit of this Preview Night was for me to get the exhibitor’s floor out of my system so I can go to the events and enjoy them the rest of the week.

One really positive thing was that I got to meet one of my Twitter friends, James Hicks, who turns out to be a mutual friend of someone I’ve known for a long time. The other Twitter friends I followed on my handy, cell phone service-free iPhone (which is now a glorified iPod with a camera). If you need to switch off your 3G or 4G signals, or if you have a laptop, there are a few WIFI signals that can be freely accessed.

I’ve taken a few pictures. Thursday through Saturday should promise some costumes for sure. For today, I plan to attend some panels, including one with Charlaine Harris, whose books are the basis for True Blood. Also, there’ll be an American sneak peak at the new Doctor Who season finale and the second season premier of Being Human.

Tron is big this Comic-Con, the sequel coming thirty years later.

A replica of the rider and motorcycle in the coming Tron: Legacy.

No Comic-Con is complete without a means to exterminate “members'” bank accounts, like getting people to buy a red Dalek.

Cute overload has insidiously infiltrated Comic-Con over the years.

I’ve never seen someone ride a unicycle around the premises like this. There’s no oooh’s or aaah’s about it. He came close to running some people over.

And this should give some idea of how crowded it was. As for some people, it really wasn’t that necessary to be aggressive.

And for the $1 millon question: Where is SyFy? I didn’t see them at Comic-Con this year.

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