Comic-Con, Day 1

Convention Center Trolley Stop in Klingon
The Trolley Station near the Convention Center and the Gaslamp Quarter gate got taken over by the Klingons. Have your universal translator handy.

Comic-Con is all about the badge. I procured my badge Wednesday night, got to experience the Exhibit Hall, which I was soon over, and got to experience one of the longest bus rides I ever had going across downtown, all thanks to the badge. The next day, during the early hours, I lent my badge to a friend of mine and met up with him close to the Gaslamp Quarter gate at noon. The borrower’s definitely a good friend of mine and I got my badge back on time. However, I don’t think I’d do it again, unless it’s Sunday (by which time I’m usually over Comic-Con and just don’t go). By then, anyone can have my badge. Hopefully someone I can trust not to go psycho in my name.

I got to see the Charlaine Harris panel and she gracefully put the distance between her books and te TV work of Alan Ball, giving credit where credit is due, but clearly establishing her line of continuity in her work. Much of the discussion was on her work and writing in general, all in response to questions from the audience. She was charming with her answers, talked about Anne Rice, and laughingly drew the line at Twilight.

Later in the afternoon, I got to attend another writing-related panel, this one on twisting genres. The featured writers included China Miéville and Scott Westerfeld, whom I found fascinating and is now on my to-read list. What I took away from it was that a writer should challenge a reader’s expectations without confounding them. Also, works don’t have to exist in terms of literary or sci-fi or mystery, etc. Which has been my feeling all along. Fiction should never be boring.

I briefly got to chat with my friend Melissa, who now only comes out to San Diego for Comic-Con. Her Army husband’s assignments take them to various parts of the world, including the US. She’s here for a few weeks, doing some work for the Masquerade show on Saturday and trying to take care of personal things. And then staying in touch will be on Facebook later.

The Westboro Baptist Church gets subverted by Comic-Con attendees who in turn protested America’s most infamous bigots. Photo by SDGeek.

Because I was attending a panel at noon and catching up with Melissa, I missed the lovely Westboro Baptist Church protesters. I heard through the Twitterstream that I wasn’t missing much, that there really wasn’t much to it. With the gay prides, they had a focus. Here, from what I gathered, they may have felt Comic-Con was about idolatry, but wasn’t quite enough. Of course, the fanboys and fangirls of Comic-Con diffused their message with equal parts camp and style. They beat the bigots at their own silly game without having to get seriously ugly. Perhaps the Phelps just need to call it quits. No one really cares like they used to.

My evening was spent watching a sneak preview of the Doctor Who season finale and the Being Human second season premier. I got to the showing late. Somehow, I expected that they would show the two Doctor Who episodes first and then Being Human. Nope. Being Human came on first, and on top of that, the cast made a surprise visit to the screening. So I missed double, but I got to see the Doctor Who finale (the first half I’ve already seen last week) and then the second episode, which aired in the UK a month ago, even on that very significant date. Can’t tell you what happens. Spoilers.

Getting back to the badge, if it were only made out of psychic paper. A few security guards at several points of the day shined what looked like a sonic screw driver at my badge to reveal a hologram in the upper right corner. Yes, the badge is real and it’s good for a few more days. And I’m holding on to it.

2 thoughts on “Comic-Con, Day 1

  1. Jeri, I did have a good time hearing Charlaine Harris talk about her stuff, True Blood, and answer questions. And that woman could write her own book on the topic of writing.

    Comic-Con sounds so perfect for your work. It will be cool to see your name as a featured artist some time down the road. I’ll look for it. Who knows – Con might be in LA after 2012. But I selfishly hope it remains in San Diego.

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