The Door is Open

This is also published on the new Shindoverse blog:

Over the past few years, much has been made about the harmful effects blogging or tweeting. A quick search through Google can show a myriad of “how to” articles of how to be a good blogger who doesn’t get burned because they do all these things. Then there are the cautionary tales such as the Queen of the Sky and the Phantom Professor, both who got fired from their respective jobs after their blogs and identities were discovered. Also, many prospective employer seek to vet applicants by trolling the Internet, looking to see how these people portray themselves on Facebook. Some have even gone so far as to request log-in information of job interviewees. Unfortunately, there is a lot of paranoia on this issue and it is justified.

I am tired of feeling paranoid when it comes to social networking. I do find it creepy that employers, current or prospective, would want to go through my online profiles the way one would snoop through my underwear drawer. At least with the latter, social decorum keeps most people in check. But for those who hold the resumés or one’s job in their hands, there is nothing to stop them except a lawsuit, and how many people are going to do that?

For some people, they have to consider their family, friends, and acquaintances and how they would be seen by what they share.

For a long time, especially when I was afraid of how my Facebook updates might get used against me, I went into high security panic and locked up the profile. Even though I don’t share too much information, I feared one of my opinionated status updates or some link might just be the one to get the ball rolling.

On the other hand, my Twitter profile has always been unlocked and I’ve tweeted more what I thought. Unlike my Facebook profile, I go by a pseudonym, essentially the same one I use for the blogs.

I used Shindo as a name for the ShindoTV and the Shindoverse blogs, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. I used to use my full name in the beginning when I hoped to get a history going as a writer, but I went with Shindo for a protective strategy like locking up the Facebook profile. However, all one has to do is research who holds my two domain names and they’ll find the legal name of yours truly. Also, this blog is linked to both of those accounts. Trying to hide out online is very pointless, unless one doesn’t do any activity at all.

I’ve recently made the decision to go public on Facebook. No, I’m not a corporation that is now available for more shareholders, but my updates are now for everyone to see and I’ll no doubt have more people in on my conversations. I’ve worked hard to have a persona that is smart, witty, and funny, and it’s the type of thing I want to translate on the blog in longer form.

In getting the Shindoverse out there, it hasn’t exactly gone off with a big bang, but it’s still a young blog and I’ll look at it as all the stellar matter hasn’t settled yet. While I might not change my persona name to my legal name again on this blog, I’ll approach the posts with more openness. As much as I’ve gotten tired of friends, family, and others telling me to loosen up, I’m going to take them up on this advice.

That said, I not going to talk about employers, current and prospective, or vent about work situations. That’s simply being professional.

As for making things more open, perhaps someday I will pay the price for it. If I were to follow the advice about how to be a good blogger, social networker, etc, I might have a nice, blandly inoffensive blog. No, thanks!

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