Harvey Pekar the “American Splendor”

Today, I found out Harvey Pekar, writer of American Splendor and related comics, died. Before blogs and even before reality TV ever took off, Pekar broadcast his life in print with the help of a few artist friends, most notably Robert Crumb. Over the past few years, his work became important to me because his stories were effectively conveyed in visual form (thanks to his artist friends), but he also told his own stories and observations, and they were funny, witty, and moving, even disturbing, but always entertaining. With a healthy dose of misanthropy, he was very relatable. American Splendor, etc, were definitely influential to my Resplendence project. Thanks Harvey, amongst others, for inspiring other artists and writers. Rest in peace.

Downtown Graffiti

Silver Mural 5
Yesterday afternoon, I was walking around downtown after leaving work at the language school when I decided to take some pictures. It has been a while since I’ve actively snapped pictures and shared them. I’ve taken so many pictures of Downtown San Diego that I was starting to think that there was nothing left for me to see. However, when I was walking back and forth between the language school’s two campuses, I saw the grafitti on the walls of the old California Theatre building and wanted to take them. Unfortunately, I had no camera on me, so I more than made up for it yesterday.

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