The Eleventh Doctor

I have been following the new Doctor Who series since Matt Smith took over the iconic Doctor role. He’s definitely brought a strangeness, a sense of the outsider back to the Doctor. These qualities were definitely present in David Tennant‘s incarnation, otherwise known as the 10th Doctor, and Tennant brought looks and charisma to a character that wasn’t known for either. Which meant that Matt Smith had some pretty big boots to fill coming in.

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Project Runway: Fashion Headliners

Last week’s episode, “What a Woman Wants,” proves someone most of us already know: Models, especially those getting their start in the industry, should not be creating their own dresses. While they often make good walking clothes hangers, most of them don’t have a sense of style. Then, the Heidi’s and Tyra’s of the world keep telling them that it’s necessary for them to have a smart, unique way of presenting themselves. Then, models should have some kind of sartorial mentorship. Heaven forbid these models then become candidates for What Not to Wear. That would earn a special kind of chastisement from Clinton and Stacy.

This week, the designers got to make paper dresses. While it’s not the first time  for this type of challenge (the recycled plastic and paper challenge, the Hershey’s dresses), it is the first one solely devoted to paper and a shameless plug for the LA Times. Even with them, the NY Times, BBC News, and every small newspaper outlet going online, the LA Times seems hell bent on preserving their paper edition. This, of course, means ink-smudgey fingers while going through the Style guide. Oh, let’s not forget that the designers must also have inky hands by the end of this challenge.

Shirin, who’s normally one of the more innovative designers, came up with a style of skirt we saw on the 5th season of Project Runway and the more recent PR knockoff The Fashion Show. Still, it’s Bjork-worthy along with the time consuming “feather” skirt made by Christopher.

With this season, there now seems to be a thread of lameness with some losing designers. First, Mitchell goes home for doing nothing while his partner does all the work and wins. This week, Johnny comes up with the lousiest excuse ever for having to make another dress when the first one wasn’t working. It was DAMAGED by the STEAM and WATER sputtering from the IRON? He wasn’t willing to own up to the fact that he panicked after Tim Gunn tore apart his origami motif dress. Living up to an addict stereotype, he came up with an alibi which only made him look worse in front of the teammate and the judges. His model became his enabler as she bought the story and then backed him up in front of the judges. She gets points for being loyal, but she should have seen through that. Nicholas, who had punk rock fail when it came to vision, called him out in front of the judges.

Althea, Ra’mon, and Gordana definitely made dresses that didn’t look like newspapers at all, though Althea had the more striking design. Either one should have won instead of Irina. Irinia did some arresting work with the faux-faux fur touch on the trenchcoat and it was 1950’s couture lovely. I didn’t care for the seam that was drawn on the back vent with a pen. It won because the Desperate Housewife wants to wear it.

Speaking of which, is it just me or is there an actress featured as a guest judge for the episiodes. There’s also more industry people showing up as guest judges as well, but can’t PR go actress-lite? Perhaps these women are essentially audience surrogates – their opinions and point of views may be closer to the Lifetime viewer than those of Tim Gunn and the regular judges. This Project Runway definitely feels different than it’s Bravo incarnaton.

Project Runway: We Expect Fashion

This is definitelty a Lifetime type of episode as the designers are faced with creating a beautiful, fashion-forward maternity dress. This time, there are some guest industry types involved: Rebecca Romijn (model, actress, now mother-to-be) and notable FIDM alumna Monique Lhullier, best known for her wedding gowns, who fills in for catty orange designer Michael Kors. Another made for Lifetime motif is that the panel this week is all female and they’ve all been pregnant, absolutely qualified to comment.

Big bummer this week – gender-fuck designer Malvin loses out with a risky design. Of course, the mother hen motif explained doesn’t go over well with the panel. Unfortunately, hack designer/love child of Perez Hilton and John Mayer, AKA Mitchell stays, even though his outfit execution is atrocious.

WTF – Ra’mon looks to his bowling bag for inspiration. That and the stripey dresses the Supremes would wear, with disastrous results. Also, he has boob issues.

Althea definitely has boob issues with her dress, though her dress is more flattering than Ra’mon’s.

Shirin definitely creates a lovely dress which all of the judges want to wear (thus wins), though Louise definitely has a better design instinct, as she anticipates the various stages of pregnancy.

Next week, Project Runway goes where no episode has gone before – the beach, which promises some hot mess drama.

Catch up with the second Project Runway episode “We Want Fashion.”

Torchwood: Children of the Earth (1)

For the people who might chide me for spoilers, this Torchwood mini-series has been downloaded and bit-torrented by lots of American fans a month ago. I’m not guilty of this, of course, but I have come across spoilers here and there. Given that, “The Children of the Earth” starts off with a big bang, very much like the beginning of BSG’s second half of Season 4.

Following the deaths of Owen and Tosh and the thwarted Dalek theft of Earth, there are some new mysteries: racially motivated alien attacks on humans and incidents of children standing still and speaking together on cue. Like Primeval, the Home Office also poses danger. For every Home Office employee who may be of help to the Torchwood team, there tens more who are out to get them for an agenda yet to be revealed. Ianto revels in the developing relationship he has with Jack, but soon find himself and his first male lover in the midst of danger from all the threats mentioned. In the course of the investigation, Gwen soon finds herself in peril along with her colleagues, especially as the end of the episode builds up to a highly personal bomb threat.

There are some deliberate false starts and red herrings, especially with the hospital doctor and his strange death cases. He initially seems to be the shoe-in for the absent Martha Jones, but that turns out to be someone else. Children on remote control by aliens is spooky enough, but the lives of the Torchwood team is at stake, the most urgent it’s ever been. Jack, Ianto, and Gwen display much greater dept here, and I am scared for them. I want more for sure, and there’s four more nights to go.

The Fashion Show

For the past three weeks, I have been following The Fashion Show, Bravo’s slapped-together replacement for the recently departed Project Runway. It’s certainly a low-frills, bitchier show than it’s predecessor, especially with Isaac Mizrahi, who manages to make Michael Kors look like your nice gay uncle. That’s because he’s the other gay uncle, the one whose zingers really do sting. Like Kors, he is actually qualified to evaluate fashion as he has been in the industry for over 20 years. He judges the designs, but also gives some Tim Gunn-ish feedback when the designers are working. Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame, on the other hand, doesn’t fill Heidi Klum’s fashion icon shoes as she’s more of a self-styled fashionista who’s been to numerous shows. This is like throwing an armchair quarterback in to the game.  As for the third judge, thankfully they did away with fashion editors (the Anna Wintour parody would have been too much) and go for fashion executive Fern Mallis. Unlike Project Runway, where the weekly walk was for the benefit of the judges, The Fashion Show’s designers’s models parade their designs before not only before the judges, but also industry people and an audience.

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Battlestar Galactica: Hitchiker’s Guide Edition

The Battlestar Galactica finale is properly entitled “Daybreak II” and it will be available on Hulu this coming Saturday. In the meantime, here’s Part 1 for your viewing pleasure and to get you up to speed.
I have sufficiently cleared the spoiler zone, but I’m a little late for my taste. However, if you haven’t seen “Daybreak II” on live broadcast on Sci-Fi Channel, on DVR, or on iTunes, then deal with it. You can always watch BSG’s finale 6 days from now.

One of my favorite shows has come to an end. Unfortunately, so has a personal blogging tradition over the couple of years. Thankfully, my blog isn’t completely dedicated to BSG, or else I’d be obligated to follow up on all cast and creative staff of BSG in their new endeavors.

ThePete posted his reaction to “Daybreak II” yesterday and he wasn’t too thrilled. As a creative exercise, he started writing his own finale last week and it is a good read!  I half-hoped to see a blog reaction from Brian, but I’ve already seen his reaction on Facebook.We both agree that the ending was very “Hitchhiker’s Guide.”. Throughout the series, the Fleet could have used a Hitchhiker’s Guide to get them through the Galaxy before they plotted their half-baked trek to Earth.

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Battlestar Galactica: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Listen to Deadpan Chick catch us all up on last week’s BSG episode.

There is my promised BSG post. Only bummer is two more episodes and the show is finis. C’est tout.

There are still numerous Sixes and Eights in their sexy worker uniform patching up the insides of the Galactica with Cylon tar. No Tyrol this time overseeing the joint workforce. Instead, it’s an anonymous deck chief who’s not enthusiastic to work with the Cylons but is later impressed that a honey-blonde Six gives her life to save everyone else when there’s a hull breach in their work area.

How come there aren’t any Leobens in the sexy male version of the Cylon worker outfits?

Adama soon accepts that it may be the end for the Galactica. The new council of ship captains do as well, but most of them wish to cannibalize the old ship. Adama, however, seems to have other plans for it, which should play out next week. Perhaps we’ll find out more about how Kara Thrace is the Harbinger of Death. The Hybrids, which now include Sam Anders, keep saying it. Some Cylon algorithm keeps pointing them to it.

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