Comic-Con, Day 2

Schwag magic is always at work in Comic-Cons. All the free goodies: posters, flyers, buttons, books, DVD’s, and anything you don’t have to pay for. It’s like the all-you-can eat buffet, where things momentarily are cool because you’re not paying much for them. There’s also the story behind them – you got them at Comic-Con. This year, they even issued ridiculously large bags to collect all this stuff – 2 x 3 feet with 2-4 inches of depth. I felt dwarfed by it and I’m pretty close to 6 feet tall. With the humongous bag, it is easy to stuff things in, even when you’re not a fan of the things you grabbed from the promoters. In the photo above, a young man found a creative use for for all the junk he collected over the past few days. Resistance is futile – he will assimilate stuff. He has some duct tape to help complete his mission and his ensemble will no doubt grow exponentially by Sunday. Everyone else is collecting free stuff, but it will all wind up in clutter or e-Bay. Continue reading “Comic-Con, Day 2”



At the west side of the Convention Center, where it meets the Marriot, a few guys had large bubble machines that pushed very light suds through human-shaped stencils. When the guys cut the mass of bubbles away from the stencil, it looked as it people were floating off to the heavens. The process went so fast that lots of them were in the air. Comic-Con attendees were lined up trying to get a good shot. Here’s one of my attempts.

Comic-Con, Day 1

Convention Center Trolley Stop in Klingon
The Trolley Station near the Convention Center and the Gaslamp Quarter gate got taken over by the Klingons. Have your universal translator handy.

Comic-Con is all about the badge. I procured my badge Wednesday night, got to experience the Exhibit Hall, which I was soon over, and got to experience one of the longest bus rides I ever had going across downtown, all thanks to the badge. The next day, during the early hours, I lent my badge to a friend of mine and met up with him close to the Gaslamp Quarter gate at noon. The borrower’s definitely a good friend of mine and I got my badge back on time. However, I don’t think I’d do it again, unless it’s Sunday (by which time I’m usually over Comic-Con and just don’t go). By then, anyone can have my badge. Hopefully someone I can trust not to go psycho in my name.

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So Big It Has Two or More Hashtags

This year, I decided to do Comic-Con right. I was on it when tickets went on sale. I bought the four day pass, and I got to go to Preview Night, which is a perk that only came with tickets like mine, not the one day passes or the ones that were comped. My feeling like I had access to something exclusive was short-lived, as there were lots of holders of passes good from Wednesday to Sunday, like mine. I suddenly found myself a dime a dozen and even occasionally getting pushed and shoved like I would on any other day, especially Saturday, the most busiest day of Comic-Con. The lines for some things, such as experiencing the space travel pods in the Aliens franchise were ridiculously long and the queue management was just as bizarre and confusing. I got to experience the usual oooh’s and aah’s of all the displays and exhibits coupled with sprinklings of people who just did not know how to walk in a crowd. The benefit of this Preview Night was for me to get the exhibitor’s floor out of my system so I can go to the events and enjoy them the rest of the week.

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Pride, Killer Naps, and Comic-Con

This Pride weekend was alright. The parade, as always, was fun and spectacular, no shortage of color or scantily clothed people. The festival, though, was on the blah side. I felt like I paid $30 to get hawked and accosted by various vendors and non-profits, and I didn’t stick around the for shows. Like most Gen X’ers, I grew up in the 1980’s, but nostalgia wasn’t enough to get me to see Devo. I don’t really get into American Idol, so straight boy with the rainbow hair Blake Lewis wasn’t much of a draw either. Hanging out with some other friends, though, was where the fun was.

Lately, I’ve been feeling tired lately, snoozing off from time to time. Sometimes I stay up a little too late, from midnight to 3 am. I have to get to teaching at 9am this summer, so I have to get up on the early side. Somehow, I’ve never been able to strike the balance between being a morning person, so I find myself taking a nap in the late afternoon, only to wake up at 10 or 11 pm. When that happens, sometimes I make myself go back to sleep, while other times I find something to do for a few hours and then go back to sleep. Yes, this type of thing has happened before.  It’s strange to think that tiredness is something that accumulates, that eventually that sleep debt must be paid. Perhaps this is why some companies give recovery days to their employees when they make them work day and night for some projects, depriving them of sleep. That someone is trying to have a work/life balance isn’t something that’s always factored by such workplaces. This is part of the reason why I often stay up late.

As for things that won’t keep me up late at night, Comic-Con is in San Diego. I bought my ticket early last year, and the even quickly sold out. Tonight is Preview Night, which means I get to see all the Comic-Con exhibits an evening early and got a shot at all the schwag before the general public does tomorrow. I made a decision to avoid collecting freebees as much as possible this year, as it often leads to clutter post-Con. However, if I see something utterly irresistible, too hard to pass up, I will. A few years back, it was Star Trek promotional posters. Not sure what it will be this year. Perhaps if I’m lucky, I’ll meet the Doctor. Last year, I met Russell T. Davies in line at the Hyatt’s Starbucks.

It should be fun.

Happy Pride!

Happy Pride Weekend! I’ve been watching the parade, hanging out with friends, and going to the festival. Previous years, I took tons of photos, but this year, I tweeted like mad, observing the parade and some other thoughts. Here are some Pride survival tips I cam up while hanging out at Filter Coffeehouse on University Avenue. I wish I came up with them sooner, but they’re all common sense. And we all know what happens to common sense in real life. These tips still apply tomorrow and will help you in any city, so here they are:

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