project mintaka

On Friday, I quietly posted the beginning of a work in progress. It’s been a while since I’ve posted creative writing on ShindoTV, much more longer than some other things. I started again mainly to get myself writing again. The intro and the list in question are parts of what I’ve dubbed for the time being “Project Mintaka,” but I’ll come up with a better title later. Also, these pieces of the story in progress are subject to revision later and I’ll definitely work them into a more coherent form when there’s enough to get a book going. That’s the intent anyway.

Sections posted so far:

Mintaka refers mainly to the milieu – the world orbits the star system in the Orion constellation. It’s essentially an Earth-clone planet with some extremes, one that it’s “year” is closer to a Terran millenium. Of course, this complicates the calendar, but isn’t a 365 day calendar with 12 months just as complex? The people on this world are human, or very near human, and there are some unique cultures, complete with languages, religions, and nationalities. The dominant nation is Itán, which has a lot in common with our “western” cultures, though there are a few differences:

  • Written language is similar to Chinese with characters and compound characters that represent words. This script is used among several cultures and is referred to as Universal.
  • The main religion is called “The School of Wisdom,” a religion primarily devoted to enlightenment, but also functioning as something similar to the Esper Guild in Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man.
  • Some cultural and technological developments have taken longer in the Mintakan timeline than they have in our own. There is 20 Years, or 20,000 Terran years, or recorded history.

With such a historical range, I can have stories set in any era – ancient (which can lend itself to more fantasy type stories), modern (where there can be a supernatural take on contemporary scenarios), or futuristic (which can range from near-future cyberpunk to space-faring ventures, where they meet us, or the people of Earth). The current work in progress is set in an early 21st century-like era with similar technology. Cultural assumptions, however, can be tweaked.

In the stuff I’m currently posting in the “Mintakan” universe, Hlau is a former agent from the Itánese Agency of Investigation who is faced with the mystery of his past when a string of psychicly-performed computer hacks occur. Something happened during his time in the Agency to cause him to lose him memory some time back, something related to the cybercriminal, and all he has is a piece of paper with names, places, and a few pieces of information that point to a strange religion. And the mystery will unfold from there.

With this work, I’ll post things every other day.

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