Original programming by yours truly. Resplendence is now broadcasting on ShindoTV on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Benny Divine Thing Beauty1 Leaf27 Finale5 Beauty9

Meet the Gold Lady, the fabulously fashionable Diva. She is the Supreme Being, and you’ll think about her all the time.

Also meet Benjamin J. Nelson, the delusional young man who dreams her up. This is his story, even much more than that of the Gold Lady, told through art and writing.

List of Episodes

Links made available as entries are posted.

Benny’s Narratives

Commentary on “Benny’s Narratives”

My Bald Avenger

The Gold Lady in “Benny’s Narratives” and “My Bald Avenger”

Under the Metropolitan Sun

Dear Papparazo

From The Liptstick That’s Used

Beauty Secrets of the Gold Lady

    The Immortal Golden Lady


    • Feuilles 42-47 not available online.


    • Feuille 48
    • Feuille 49
    • Journal 9
    • Letter To Edmund
    • Feuille 50
    • Feuille 51


    • Feuille 52 & 53

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