The Ultimate Rickroll

Yes, President-Elect Obama gave us the ultimate Rickroll at the end of 2008 with his choice of Rick Warren to do the Inaugural Opening Invocation. While I’m among the people not thrilled with this choice, I’m going to laugh at it and make the statement in a humorous way. Some people have already beaten me to the punch, especially the person who put together this video pastiche. Gays and lesbians can’t get married, but president-elects and evangelical ministers in ugly Hawaiian shirts can carry on with their bromances.

Definitely on my playlist for you, Mr. President-Elect, this Inauguration Day.

In the works: Goodbye to Bu$h Playlist

The end of an era is coming with George W. Bu$h leaving the Oval Office. Interestingly, he’s concerned with his legacy, which he should have thought of 8 years ago. I have to agree with the sentiment of Joseph A. Palermo, a Huffington Post contributor: Just Go, Mr. Bu$h. Please, Just Go.

To celebrate Bu$h’s leaving, I’m going to put together a playlist with some music that gives the musical equivalent of hitting him with on the ass with the door on his way out. An appropriate choice to be included on the playlist is the Dixie Chicks, who took too much flack for saying that they were ashamed to be from the same state as the President. Let that be your high-heeled, Texan boot kick out the door, Mr. President.

A definitely appropriate selection would be “Mouth” by Bush, because “nothing hurts like yout mouth,” Mr. President. Hearing him clumsily handle the English language was quite painful. The question is, can the trauma from eight years of bad speech be undone?

I’m still trying to figure out what else to play that day, so I’m glad to get some suggestions.

As for President-Elect Obama, I’m going to include that infamous song by Rick Astley because he pulled the ultimate Rickroll with his selection for who would do opening prayer.

Personal Beef

Facebook-land is an interesting place. Most of the time, it is fairly inane, especially with the apps that are designed to distract people from their work. There’s tons of statuses and other kinds of feeds that go on all day. Most of the time, my timeline of statuses, links, and other news seems to go largely unnoticed. However, some of my items related to Rick Warren have provoked responses from some people on my network.

I joined a Facebook discussion group No Rick Warren at Obama Inauguration and I got a response was from a good friend of mine, an evangelical Christian, who wondered what my personal beef was with Rick Warren. To his credit, he and his wife took some flack from people they knew for voting for Obama and voting against Props 4 & 8. I sent him a response saying we can agree to disagree and these were my reasons:

I’m not at ease with Warren’s gentler rhetoric about GLBT issues. He certainly showed his loved towards “sinners, not the sin” with support for Prop 8.

If Obama was insistent on getting an evangelical pastor for this invocation, couldn’t he have gotten Brian McLaren?

Thankfully, a unifying opinion on Warren is not the basis for our friendship (which would be in trouble if it were). There is room to talk about him and the issues he represents.

Given that, I don’t have a soft opinion on Warren right now. I think it’s great that Melissa Etheridge is having a dialogue with Rick Warren. She is someone who has a lot at stake with this whole Prop 8 issue, so she’s a better person than I can be right now. I’m just not there.

I haven’t been a good gay blogger by editorializing on how Rick Warren is so innapropriate for Obama’s inauguration (which is my opinion). All I’ve been doing was doing things here and there on the Facebook feed such as joining that group and posting links to a Rachel Maddow commentary and an SF Gate editorial appropriately entitled The Purpose-driven Bigot. That, and I posted a tweet on Twitter. Given that people seem to pay more attention to my Facebook feed than my blog, I was asking for it.

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Obama, Endorsed by ShindoTV

If he’s good enough for Senator Hillary Clinton and former Secretary of State Colin Powell (and scores upon scores upon scores… of people), Barack Obama is good enough for ShindoTV.

I don’t know what to make of “Obama is my bicycle,” but I’ve Obamafied my iPhone with his app, which is absolutely fabulous.

However, a presidential candidate gracing my iPhone is not enough. My birthday’s coming up, and I want a good birthday. Actually, four years better than the last eight would even be better. Change is no longer a buzzword. It is imperative.

Vote for Barack Obama for President this November 4.