Some of Bjork’s Royal Opera House Performances

Judging from the last reaction to my “Pagan Poetry” post, I chose not to post the “vid” Bjork made for “Cocoon.” Instead, here are some clips from the Royal Opera House concert she did shortly after the release of Vespertine. Matmos, the programming duo who provide the dirty electronic sounds, are also boyfriends and how they interact here is very sweet. Here’s “Cocoon”:

“An Echo, A Stain” is my favorite song off the Vespertine album:


La Jalousie, La Jalousie

Bjork has performed at Coachella and I didn’t go! Argh! Lucky bastards who got see her.

With hotel prices inflated along with exhorbitant ticket prices, this article in LA times tells all so far. The lesson for going to a major music festival is to plan ahead, buy the tickets as early as possible (to avoid the scalpers), and book the airlines (if necessary) and hotels way before they sniff the event in their calendars and jack up their rates.

Hopefully, she’ll have a So Cal appearance in the future, but that may not happen and I’m not sure if I want to shell out airfare just for one show. If she showed up in DC, I wouldn’t mind going there to catch her show one night and Blowoff another night. Plus, there’s plenty else to do there. As much as I want to hear the new album, going somehere to catch a show has got to be worthwhile.

Bringing Sexy Back With Volta: Bjork Podcast

Here’s the Bjork podcast (which you can also download into your iPod from iTunes). Here, in three installments, Bjork speaks of the making of Volta, how she came to work with Timbaland, and her choice of instruments.
For anyone who’s had any question of how the collaboration with Timbaland came into being, she gives the answer: she’s known him for 11 years and they have been meaning to work together on a project. Given that she has looked to him to add something to it, along with Mark Bell (who contributed to Homogenic), this should be very interesting.

One of the fascinating things about Bjork interviews is when she goes into creating the sounds. She looked into using horns and “dirty” sounding stringed instruments. She mentions Vespertine used clean sounding ones, such as harps. She also seeks a sound that’s more “pagan.” Gotta love her word choices.

Note: video’s safe to watch–no Bjork boobies to traumatize the viewer.

Big Time Earth Intruders!

Bjork brings sexy back into her music with these appetite whetters on Saturday Night Live. Her album Volta will be released in May, and “Earth Intruders” is available on iTunes. Included are some collaborations with Timbaland, so I’m curious to see how it turns out. It will be interesting to see how the man behind Justin Timberlake’s sound adds to this new one.

These songs performed on Saturday Night Live are amazing!

I want to chant ‘We are “Earth Intruders”‘ along with her band:

“Wanderlust” is also a great track:

Volta will be Bjork’s first proper studio album since Medulla, a largely acapella album where voices functioned as instruments and beatboxing stood in for drum machines and percussion. Her last album, Drawing Restraint 9, was a score for her partner Matthew Barney’s film of the same name. If these songs are any indication of Volta‘s promise, then I look forward to downloading it or buying the CD when it’s released.