Big Time Earth Intruders!

Bjork brings sexy back into her music with these appetite whetters on Saturday Night Live. Her album Volta will be released in May, and “Earth Intruders” is available on iTunes. Included are some collaborations with Timbaland, so I’m curious to see how it turns out. It will be interesting to see how the man behind Justin Timberlake’s sound adds to this new one.

These songs performed on Saturday Night Live are amazing!

I want to chant ‘We are “Earth Intruders”‘ along with her band:

“Wanderlust” is also a great track:

Volta will be Bjork’s first proper studio album since Medulla, a largely acapella album where voices functioned as instruments and beatboxing stood in for drum machines and percussion. Her last album, Drawing Restraint 9, was a score for her partner Matthew Barney’s film of the same name. If these songs are any indication of Volta‘s promise, then I look forward to downloading it or buying the CD when it’s released.