1970’s Ugly? Sounds About Right

Photo by ThePete.

Guessing someone’s age is always a touchy subject, especially when they’re over 30. Guess someone’s age to be over 40 and you’re dead. Consequently, whenever I make a guess about how old someone is, I keep my real answer to myself. I find it’s better to let them say it, that way I can gush that they look great. Given the risks in knowing out loud someone’s age, it’s much more fun to figure out what era’s a building’s from.

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The Head on the Door

The Cure’s “Close to Me” describes a recurring dream of Robert Smith’s, which makes him wonder, “If I was only so sure that my head on a door was a dream.”

Brian, one of my East Coast blog friends, mentioned this morning waking up from a nightmare where someone tries to mug him. At least it’s one where he tries to go down fighting. For me, it brought to mind the Cure’s “Close to Me,” but I also remembered a few nightmares of my own.

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Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

This post is for Danny, who’s been microblogging a lot on Facebook lately. Strangely, this post grew out my response to one of his Facebook statuses from last weekend, so this is a shindotv/Ink2metal collaboration. Also, it’s the Thursday morning after the latest Project Runway episode, so it’s only appropriate, even if it’s frightening.

Read with caution. You don’t want your boss to peek over your shoulder and see you looking at this.

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Just a few photos today.

I’m stealing this photo post idea today from Chris.

All pics photographed with my handy, dandy iPhone.

Bank of America Plaza
Bank of America Plaza, taken from a nearby high-rise.

Taking the food out of one's mouth
Not dove love at all. These pigeons are fighting with the fattest one over food he has in his beak.

Sucuk Ekmek
In the afternoon, I ducked into Pasha‘s, a new Turkish restaurant in Hillcrest, to get away from the traffic. I ordered this tasty lunch and the Ayran, a yogurt drink. Not my usual fare.

Update on ShindoTV

Resplendissime 1

Earlier yesterday evening, I was at the Kinko’s in Hazard Center making photo copies of these lovely images, which will soon appear in Resplendence. I guess I could photograph all the drawings myself, but I’m not a good art reproduction photographer. I just want things to look good when the series launches in September. Now, all I need to do is copy the color images, scan them all, and I will be set.

I’ve been enjoying my iPhone, doing almost everything but talk. Actually, that’s not completely true, but I’m not having a gabfest either. I’ve had fun with the camera, taken plenty of advantage of the data feature such as Internet anywhere (almost), keeping up with Twitter (through Twitterific), and keeping myself out of e-mail bankruptcy. Plus, ya gotta love the klunky Facebook app.

I’ve been teaching over the summer. I just finished teaching a paragraph skills course at the urban college, and I will finish teaching at the language school this week. I’m tired, but I don’t have much of a chance to breathe, as faculty development is this week at two community colleges where I teach and school starts next week. For the most part part, I think I’ve started a pretty good habit of keeping confidentiality with the classes, even if some situations make great stories or seem blog-worthy.

Overall, it’s better this way. I do have opinions on all kinds of things and sometimes it’s easier to simply rant them out here because I’m much more of a reserved person in real life. Perhaps it’s better if that real life personality translated to my online self. But, disclosure is so much fun!

In any case, I don’t want to be that teacher whose blog gets used against them in a student grievance, nor do I want some boss to punish me for what I really think. Plus, I’ve already expressed my fear, anger, and frustration sometime ago about this and that’s enough.

Now onto something lighter. In a comment to my last post, Chris encouraged me to jump on the 12 of 12 meme. I’ve been doing pretty good about avoiding memes and getting friends into them. I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that friends don’t let friends do memes. God knows how much of this crap I’ve gotten in my inbox over the years before the memes mutated to the blogosphere. Also, I haven’t circulated the hot YouTubers vids; they have enough help without me. Chris Crocker and Barats and Bereta are going to have to find some other people to do their dirty work for them. 12 of 12, though, seems like there’s no harm, just taking 12 photos on the 12th of each month.

12 photos in one day for me is nothing. Anyone who’s a contact of mine on Flickr can attest to that. I have days of photo overload. All I’ll say right now is I’ll think about it. Mokusatsu*

*What Japan said in response to the Potsdam Declaration, which has often been interpreted as “We are ignoring surrender,” though some have suggested that this actually meant “We are considering surrender.”

It’s so pretty!

Wordpress Leopard Style

Brian mentions this plug-in for the WordPress admin pages. It completely changes the appearance. See and compare with the standard WordPress admin page (this is from another one I’m working on):

Standard WordPress

It goes beyond just being so purdy. I also have ease of posting:

It's so pretty!

I can still see where to click for all my other site maintenance needs (the main ones, anyway). I don’t have to click here or there to find it.

As for another plug-in, Akismet, I found it useful afterall. I got me some spam!

Blog Spam

However, it doesn’t look like it tastes good stirfried with noodles, vegetables, and soysauce. No yakisoba with this spam.

Stay Tuned: Shindo Goes To Washington

Well, I’m off on a three day trip to Washington DC. I visited a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to return ever since. What lies in store? Mainly touristy things. I plan to visit a few places I didn’t get to last time, such as The National Museum of the American Indian. I’ll also have to stop by the National Cathedral again (I heard that the parking structure is complete. The lawn was completely ripped up the last time I visited). Also, I’m obligated to get some good eats.

Brian, Fredo, and I are still working out a plan to meet up. Wednesday sounds like it will be the day for sure, but the details definitely have to be worked out.

I’ll take plenty of pictures everyday. I’ll post some here, but you can definitely see them on Flickr. I’ll also have a video camera handy, but I’m not guaranteeing anything here.

The only bummer is I won’t be able to catch a Blowoff event. Perhaps I’ll plan my next trip around it.

I fly out tonight. Stay tuned…

Today, Chris went on this crusade against e-mail priority flags (a God-awful invention if I ever saw one) and I went on some mini-tangent about Office 2007, which I saw as another useless Microsoft invention (Zune is one of those things, but that’s another post altogether).

A lot of my frustration with Microsoft’s finest creation stems from my experience with the software during my first week of school. At the college in the desert/mountains, the composition classes have one hour of computer lab time and they’re in these brand new classrooms with state of the art PC’s. Last semester (before the new building was completed), my class met for their lab in the library, and those computers were polished white iMacs (circa 1999-2002, the cathode ray tube variety). All of my students (and yours truly) hated those antiquated devices (which were updated with Panther, but incredibly slow. The spinning rainbow wheel was a common occurrence). Even though I’m not a PC person, I feel the new computers are a vast improvement. Of course, they come equipped with Office 2007.

Since I teach English, I naturally have them use Microsoft Word for their in-lab writing assignments. I suspect all of them were familiar with some previous version of the word processsing program. Before my encounter with the new Word, my most recent experience was with Office 2004. Two weeks ago, I plunked Office 2008 into my new MacBook, but that did not prepare me for its PC-based sibling.

Unfamiliarity with the program didn’t make the lab an easy one, especially since I had students create writing samples during that first day.

The interface was the thing that confused all of us. Office’s website calls it “Fluent User Interface,” but it was a foreign language for all of us. Certain formatting features (new ones) are laid out in a way for the user to easily click on them to use, but this does very little good if you don’t need them right away. For some simpler functions, they weren’t so readily available like on the older versions. Mac’s Office 2008 retains this older interface and integrates it with the new interface. However, Office 2007 goes for something newer and flashier. It took one of my students to figure this out, and she told me to click the “medallion”* on the upper left hand corner and comes the functions to save, print, and some of the other basic ones we all love.

Once we all understood these things about Office 2007, things are easier. I’m sure there’s some more learning we will all do as the semester comes along. There are a few other computer issues I can think of, but that’s for another time. Sometime down the road, I should call the school’s IT department and arrange for someone to come to the lab as a guest speaker.

As I played around with Word 2007 today, I have to say it grew on me. One of the coolest features I discovered was that files can be published as blog entries. Strangely enough, this feature isn’t available in Mac’s Word 2008. Yes, I am eating some earlier words. Perhaps I’ll say more as I become more and more familiar with the program.

*my little term for the Microsoft crest that adorns the upper left hand corner of the Office 2007 program window.