Did My Dream Come True?

Just when I felt hot to post today, my Macbook goes on the fritz. I had a dream a few days ago that I dropped my laptop and the monitor was shattered. Might have been an omen, though things have not happened as literally as I dreamed it. For one thing, the MacBook in the dream was one of those new aluminium kind, while the real life version is encased in white plastic. Also, my computer simply isn’t booting up.

I have the iPhone and the WordPress app, so I’m not completely lost. Still, I am not a fan of the iPhone keyboard and I can’t copy and paste. A real keyboard is much more comfortable to type with.

I get to take my MacBook in to see a Genius tomorrow at the University Towne Center Apple Store in La Jolla. It’s much sooner than if I tried to get an appointmet at the Fashion Valley location, which would have been on Friday.

I am frustrated I couldn’t see a Genius today. I miss the early days of the Apple Store Concierge where one could sign in to see one in a few hours, but now it’s a couple of days. I should be happy I’m seeing one tomorrow. But, these problems never happen on a timetable. That would be too convenient.

Here’s to hacking it out on the iPhone,

#SDTweetup @The Pearl Hotel

Last night, I went across town to the San Diego Tweetup at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma. Like many of the past tweetups, this one was organized by Jennifer Van Grove, also known as @jbruin on Twitter. I’ve only been to the Tweetup earlier this month (held at the W in Downtown) and the one last night, but both were done with great style. Swank venues and sponsored free drinks, especially the ubiquitous martinis/cosmopolitans, helped make for some very memorable evenings.

Many local Twitterers, or Tweeps, were present, including @DowntownRob, whose business WebWizards Web Hosting was one of the sponsors of last nights event. He’s done a lot for the local online community, as he’s also an organizer of the San Diego Blogger’s Meetup.

One interesting feature was the Twitter Board, a screen where various tweets were projected. Many people present had their iPhones, including yours truly, and we were all standing around and posting. Oh, I shouldn’t forget about the Crackberries and the other kinds of mobile phones. Those were present as well.

I got to see a few people including my new friend Gio (@giographic), and Daniel Phillip (@danielphillip) and his partner Richard Allen (@richarchallen). I also got to meet up with Eileen (@eyemusing), whom I’ve been trading tweets about what I call the “fashionista trainwreck shows” and Alan (@awanisAlan). I had some good conversations with Tom (@big_perm) – thanks for the beer – and a brief chat with Richard (@richandcreamy), who went around taking pics of the party. Good times.

I was hoping to meet Shindy.TV at the tweetup but that never happened. I don’t doubt they were there, but I was talking to various people and just didn’t get around to meeting them. It would be fun for Shindo to meet Shindy. It’s gotta happen sometim in the future.

Thanks, Jennifer, Rob, Newsforce, and Engine Ready for making this Tweetup possible. It was awesome!

I now look forward to the Blogger’s Meetup later in October.


I’ve been wanting to render ShindoTV in Japanese, so here it is: 真堂TV

My name in Kanji is written as 真一. 真 = Shin, 一 = ichi. Unfortunately, in a sans-serif font, the one stroke for ichi resembles an em dash, which it is not.

For my website title, I’ve chosen to “spell” ShindoTV as 真堂TV. 真堂, from what I understand, is not a conventional rendering of Shindo, but I liked the combination of characters. 真 is the same as in my name, of course, but it also means True. 堂 (do) means brilliant, extraordinary.

I could spell TV テレビ, but adding TV to 真堂 has more visual punch.

Now, all I need to do is to have some Engrish on this blog, but I don’t think my mind is that Japonic.

Update on ShindoTV

Resplendissime 1

Earlier yesterday evening, I was at the Kinko’s in Hazard Center making photo copies of these lovely images, which will soon appear in Resplendence. I guess I could photograph all the drawings myself, but I’m not a good art reproduction photographer. I just want things to look good when the series launches in September. Now, all I need to do is copy the color images, scan them all, and I will be set.

I’ve been enjoying my iPhone, doing almost everything but talk. Actually, that’s not completely true, but I’m not having a gabfest either. I’ve had fun with the camera, taken plenty of advantage of the data feature such as Internet anywhere (almost), keeping up with Twitter (through Twitterific), and keeping myself out of e-mail bankruptcy. Plus, ya gotta love the klunky Facebook app.

I’ve been teaching over the summer. I just finished teaching a paragraph skills course at the urban college, and I will finish teaching at the language school this week. I’m tired, but I don’t have much of a chance to breathe, as faculty development is this week at two community colleges where I teach and school starts next week. For the most part part, I think I’ve started a pretty good habit of keeping confidentiality with the classes, even if some situations make great stories or seem blog-worthy.

Overall, it’s better this way. I do have opinions on all kinds of things and sometimes it’s easier to simply rant them out here because I’m much more of a reserved person in real life. Perhaps it’s better if that real life personality translated to my online self. But, disclosure is so much fun!

In any case, I don’t want to be that teacher whose blog gets used against them in a student grievance, nor do I want some boss to punish me for what I really think. Plus, I’ve already expressed my fear, anger, and frustration sometime ago about this and that’s enough.

Now onto something lighter. In a comment to my last post, Chris encouraged me to jump on the 12 of 12 meme. I’ve been doing pretty good about avoiding memes and getting friends into them. I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that friends don’t let friends do memes. God knows how much of this crap I’ve gotten in my inbox over the years before the memes mutated to the blogosphere. Also, I haven’t circulated the hot YouTubers vids; they have enough help without me. Chris Crocker and Barats and Bereta are going to have to find some other people to do their dirty work for them. 12 of 12, though, seems like there’s no harm, just taking 12 photos on the 12th of each month.

12 photos in one day for me is nothing. Anyone who’s a contact of mine on Flickr can attest to that. I have days of photo overload. All I’ll say right now is I’ll think about it. Mokusatsu*

*What Japan said in response to the Potsdam Declaration, which has often been interpreted as “We are ignoring surrender,” though some have suggested that this actually meant “We are considering surrender.”

What’s Up in July

Strangely, I moved to another blogsite mid-season. Close to 4th of July, I got my own domain and declared independence from Blogger. I then came out strongly against memes (especially the Internet party talk variety) and wrote some posts about Japanese food. I’ve played around with the blog’s appearance a few times, but I keep coming back to the Prismacolor theme.

Project Runway, Pride, and Comic-Com should provide me no shortage of posts. I don’t doubt I’ll find some other material in the meantime.

I’ve also wanted to revive the podcast, but more or less start again. I’ve created the page, but I haven’t posted any materials. I plan to create personal audio logs, vlogs like I did last fall, and readings of creative works. I’ll set a date in August as I want to get it right and keep going.

One work I’ve wanted to feature for a long time here is Resplendence. I’ve tried creating a website a few times, but I think I should be able to render it the way I want to here. I’ll also set it for August as I’m working on getting text ready for the posts. I also want to get reproductions of the images going.

My goal for the post-Blogger incarnation of ShindoTV is to generate and create a body of content. I definitely want it to be the kind of place where I’d come back to check out. I think I’m doing well to avoid the obvious memes (what I call the “party questions”), but it helps to try to write a post instead of letting something else speak for you.

Also, I think I won’t resort to anything to get notice. No more breaking news on Chris Crocker’s lawsuit or all the other trivialities of pop culture (not that it’s fun, but it’s all about me here). Some of these types of post have generated lots of hits, but I’m not really proud of them at all. I do stand by some other things that aren’t as popular hit-wise, but are much more interesting.

Oh, I do owe some thanks to Chris for getting me out of hiding and start posting again. Blog death could have happnend.

Argh! Comment moderation!

Friends, I apologize for the whole comment moderation thing. Being new to WordPress, I think I more or less got the hang of the system, but not quite. The default setting for comments seems to be “under moderation.” It’s frustrating because I don’t want to have to keep approving comments for people such as Chris, Brian, Fredo, and a couple of others. It’s too time consuming and there are times where I am not at my computer for hours at a time. Also, I don’t have a history of getting hit with nasty comments. Whenever I get a comment from an offensive person, I can delete it.

This morning, I had a strange situation created by the Akismet plug-in. I enabled it a few days ago, thinking that I have spam protection. I have been spammed in the past, most notably by somone who posted in Portuguese last year. No strangers got caught in the Askimet spam net, but Brian did. It was frustrating that a fun and clever comment of his was held up for a few hours.

I’ve been adjusting the settings here and there, but nothing seems to make the comment moderation go away. Please be patient with me and any tips are appreciated.

ShindoTV.com – It’s Official!

It’s official. I’m not posting to the Blogger blog anymore, nor will I create mirror posts. This is ShindoTV’s home now. I’ve more or less gotten the hang of WordPress, but I haven’t mastered the templates yet. I’d love to find one that mirrors the aesthetic of the screenshot below. It was pre-blog ShindoTV – oh, what a simpler time that was!

shindotv circa 2001, b

I did have some good times on Blogger. I made some friends and got some subscribers. I even got to meet some of them in person over the past year.

ShindoTV as seen on the iPhone

The blog came of age in the Age of iPhone. While I don’t own one of these dandy devices, it was fun to take a picture of my blog. Eventually, this one will look good in a mobile format.

Being part of a blogging community has been meaningful. Being part of an online conversation has been very good for ShindoTV. I also hope to find new readers and friends along the way to help contribute to the discussion.

Here is to whatever interesting developments will come for ShindoTV! Goodbye, old blog!

Farewell to Blogger