Gorilla Suit – The New Interview Costume

What’s a man to do when he’s properly qualified for a job, yet seems to have a hard time finding one? Perhaps suing the alma mater university is one option, but when he really needs a job, some more immediate action is necessary. Dumb down one’s resume, play down job accomplishments, or just talk it up are some options. Here, a desperate man resorts to dressing up like a gorilla, which appeals to some warped affirmative action, British style. Gotta love Monty Python for that.

Larry/Deity 05 & 6

Mr. Deity mentions the various power loungers such as Genghis Khan and Britney Spears, who seem to demonstrate that there is rest for the wicked. 😉

As usual, Mr. Deity smiles and laughs through a blunder he incompetently executed, this one being the venture of Jonah. Proof that prophets need hazard pay.

Eureka: Bad to the Drone

Parents and children is the theme of the third season opener. Carter tries to exhert a little parental control on Zoe, especially after she gets a job at the Cafe Diem. A testing of small robotic fightercraft goes wrong as one achieves an adolescent level of sentience. Interestingly, they are called Vipers and Zoe later describes them as Cylon. Zoe and the Viper also has a bonding moment where the Viper tries to help her get away from Carter.

Eva Thorne, the corporate killer, is brought in to make Eureka and Global Dynamics more efficient and more money making. She also brings with her a maternal disapproval of how things are run at Global and also ideas. No doubt she’ll be around for quite a while, making difficult situations even more complicated.

While the romance between Carter and Allyson Blake is put on dry ice, the idea of Blake and Stark getting married is out there. She doesn’t say yes yet, but she’s thinking about it.

Product placement is now hard to get away from: cases of Degree product shows up here and there. This reminds me of when Zima showed up on Babylon 5. Does anyone drink that now? Will Eureka’s product placement increase the amount of Degree users? That remains to be seen.