Gorilla Suit – The New Interview Costume

What’s a man to do when he’s properly qualified for a job, yet seems to have a hard time finding one? Perhaps suing the alma mater university is one option, but when he really needs a job, some more immediate action is necessary. Dumb down one’s resume, play down job accomplishments, or just talk it up are some options. Here, a desperate man resorts to dressing up like a gorilla, which appeals to some warped affirmative action, British style. Gotta love Monty Python for that.

Larry/Deity 05 & 6

Mr. Deity mentions the various power loungers such as Genghis Khan and Britney Spears, who seem to demonstrate that there is rest for the wicked. 😉

As usual, Mr. Deity smiles and laughs through a blunder he incompetently executed, this one being the venture of Jonah. Proof that prophets need hazard pay.