Pride, Killer Naps, and Comic-Con

This Pride weekend was alright. The parade, as always, was fun and spectacular, no shortage of color or scantily clothed people. The festival, though, was on the blah side. I felt like I paid $30 to get hawked and accosted by various vendors and non-profits, and I didn’t stick around the for shows. Like most Gen X’ers, I grew up in the 1980’s, but nostalgia wasn’t enough to get me to see Devo. I don’t really get into American Idol, so straight boy with the rainbow hair Blake Lewis wasn’t much of a draw either. Hanging out with some other friends, though, was where the fun was.

Lately, I’ve been feeling tired lately, snoozing off from time to time. Sometimes I stay up a little too late, from midnight to 3 am. I have to get to teaching at 9am this summer, so I have to get up on the early side. Somehow, I’ve never been able to strike the balance between being a morning person, so I find myself taking a nap in the late afternoon, only to wake up at 10 or 11 pm. When that happens, sometimes I make myself go back to sleep, while other times I find something to do for a few hours and then go back to sleep. Yes, this type of thing has happened before.  It’s strange to think that tiredness is something that accumulates, that eventually that sleep debt must be paid. Perhaps this is why some companies give recovery days to their employees when they make them work day and night for some projects, depriving them of sleep. That someone is trying to have a work/life balance isn’t something that’s always factored by such workplaces. This is part of the reason why I often stay up late.

As for things that won’t keep me up late at night, Comic-Con is in San Diego. I bought my ticket early last year, and the even quickly sold out. Tonight is Preview Night, which means I get to see all the Comic-Con exhibits an evening early and got a shot at all the schwag before the general public does tomorrow. I made a decision to avoid collecting freebees as much as possible this year, as it often leads to clutter post-Con. However, if I see something utterly irresistible, too hard to pass up, I will. A few years back, it was Star Trek promotional posters. Not sure what it will be this year. Perhaps if I’m lucky, I’ll meet the Doctor. Last year, I met Russell T. Davies in line at the Hyatt’s Starbucks.

It should be fun.

Super Frakked-Up Avatar

Brian's frakked up Avatar

My friend Brian (Sharon’s boyfriend, not Brian), created this freaky avatar while playing Saint’s Row at the THQ booth at Comic-Con. I don’t know too much about this game, but I understand the basic concept is prison break.

Here are the choices Brian made in creating the avatar:

  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Bald
  • Body Type: Overweight
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Accessory: Big Sunglasses.

The result was so freaky and so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m laughing my arse off while writing this post. The neighboring gamers also caught a glimpse of Brian’s avatar, started busting up, and they took pictures. Even one of the developers was paying attention.

Brian and Avatar

Eureka! On Tonight

Eureka Ice Cream truck

Season Three of Eureka premieres tonight. Chris, I promise I won’t be a little too eager with blogging this. I could use the summary function and issue a spoiler alert, but I have the feeling that won’t let me off the hook. I’ll just pursue an editorial policy similar to the one I have for Project Runway.

As for the image above, it was a little odd and eerie (but somehow appropriate) to hear the Eureka theme playing from an ice cream truck during Comic-Con weekend. Unfortunately, no Space Age ice cream was given away.

Most Viewed of My Flickr Pics

Here are my top ten most viewed pics on Flickr as of today. This list will probably still be the same tomorrow, just different numbers.

1. Death Proof Amputee
Death Proof
Yes, this girl really was an amputee. This was no trick or optical illusion. She danced around the display promoting Death Proof at San Diego Comic-Con.

2. Ginch Gonch Boys
God Bless Mexico
I guess I’m not with it, but I recently found out these were the Ginch Gonch boys (and that’s what they’re wearing). They were wandering around the San Diego Pride Festival in their near nakedness when I took this pic.

3. Handsome Superman
Superman at DC Comics exhibit
I caught this handsome Superman at Comic-Con and he gave me the classic Superman pose.

4. Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Three Star Wars character impersonators happened to be in front of Jabba when I took this pic. Princess Leia obviously had a lot to do with this pic’s popularity.

5. Superman and Trinity
Superman and Trinity
This was a fun pairing of superheroes from different universes.

6. Rough Trade
Rough Trade
Don’t know much about this guy except he was waiting for something or someone during Pride weekend.

7. Wolverine x 2
Wolverine x 2
Two Wolverines for the price of one. Taken at Comic-Con.

8. Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
She was an actress in a Star Trek fan fic featuring George Takei. Taken at Comic-Con.

9. Jabba and Vampira
Jabba with Vampira
If only Jabba came by this woman in Star Wars, he’d never need to chain the other women to his throne, including Princess Leia. Taken at Comic-Con.

10. Free Hugs
Free Hugs
These two young women were giving free hugs during Comic-Con.

The Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Booth

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Milky Way Galaxy Girls Booth, originally uploaded by shindohd.

This was a happy accident right before I left Comic-Con. This booth caught my eye, I had to take a picture of it, and I was soon having a conversation with Lauren Faust, the artist and writer behind the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls. She happily explained to what they were all about. While they are superficially reminiscent of the Power Puff Girls (on which Faust was an animator), the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls are older, hipper, more individualistic, and definitely more fun. Each girl personifies a celestial body with the style and flair to go with their names. For example, the Sun is definitely a heliocentric diva who believes the universe revolves around her, the silver-clad Mercury is the fastest athlete in the universe, and the lovely but solitary Moon expresses her being in poetry. Best of all, these girls traverse outer space in roller skates that go with their unique outfits.

Faust has created a visually fantastic book which tells the reader all about the Galaxy Girls and asks the question, “Which planet are you from?” The book and other merchandise are a lot of fun (and thoughtfully done), and I will definitely tune in when Galaxy Girls enter the world of animation.

Stay tuned… And check out the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.

Here are some pics to show what they’re all about:

The Gothgirl rocker Pluto, the center of the Universe herself the Sun, and the Starry Eyed Space Girl.

The lyrically poetic Moon, the artsy Mars, and the sweetly caring Jupiter.

Sunday at Comic Con

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Fantastic Four, originally uploaded by shindohd.

They’re young and good looking, so I wanted to begin this entry with this version of the Fantastic Four. While they’re not purely in costume, they have definitely have a theme, and these shirts are wearable conversation pieces outside of Comic-Con. I should have asked them for the ordering information because seeing them in these tees makes me want to get one myself.

I took many pictures of people in costume, but here are some of my favorites:

Pris and Roy Annie Lennox meets Vulcan Superman and Trinity X-wing Pilot

Pris and Roy from Bladerunner, Annie Lennox meets Vulcan, Superman and Trinity, and X-Wing Pilot.

The Blade Runner couple was so in character in their costumes. The Annie Lennox effect on this woman’s Vulcan look was very striking. The Superman model was absolutely hot and Trinity looked like she could kick ass! The X-Wing fighter pilot looked very good in his uniform.

The blond Vulcan is in the cast of the upcoming Star Trek fan film World Enough and Time, which also features George Takei.

Man Bat

This handsome guy worked for the Mattel exhibit. I liked his t-shirt.

Donkey Kong Player

If you wanted to relive the good old days of 1980’s video games, you could play Donkey Kong like this guy was. I remember Nintendo made a hand held version of the game (but this may have been limited to Japan). Does anyone remember the pocket version with LCD in the US market?

Greg Evans

Here is local cartoonist Greg Evans (not related) who does the nationally syndicated comic Luann.

Some quirky moments at Comic-Con on Sunday afternoon: a guy was giving free high-fives (and counting them), while two young women gave free hugs more altruistically.

Free High Fives Free Hugs

Every day at Comic Con was extremely crowded. Essentially, attendance was sold out. Here is a crowd picture to give an idea of how many people were at the Convention Center on Sunday afternoon.


Check out my other Comic-Con photos on Flickr.