The Door is Open

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Over the past few years, much has been made about the harmful effects blogging or tweeting. A quick search through Google can show a myriad of “how to” articles of how to be a good blogger who doesn’t get burned because they do all these things. Then there are the cautionary tales such as the Queen of the Sky and the Phantom Professor, both who got fired from their respective jobs after their blogs and identities were discovered. Also, many prospective employer seek to vet applicants by trolling the Internet, looking to see how these people portray themselves on Facebook. Some have even gone so far as to request log-in information of job interviewees. Unfortunately, there is a lot of paranoia on this issue and it is justified. Continue reading “The Door is Open”

Some Links brought to you by Friendster, I mean Facebook

I’m always posting some interesting links up on my FB profile. I used to be one of those annoying people who linked their Twitter account to Facebook, thus all my friends then get the impression I’m a serious alcoholic or an out-and-about partyer. Then I used Selective Twitter, so no one sees every single tweet, which is now moot since I haven’t tweeted much lately. Getting back to the good ol’ FB profile, I now post a lot of links to express myself instead of giving every little bit of mundane piece of information. However, the links anyone chooses to post can say quite a bit about themselves. In my case, the most of the recent articles shared from the Chronicles of Higher Education point to my malaise about having gone through grad school, adjuncting, and the now anorexic amount of job opportunities (especially for higher degree holders). Also, here and there, there’s a shiny bit of news that catches my attention and I have to share those with everyone too.

So here are some interesting links from the past few days:

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“Add Me” by Chumbawamba. Title speaks clearly for the theme, but the band also gives a pretty good explanation about cyber-friendships.

Facebook has managed to change the meaning of “friend” more within three or four years than the one and a half thousand years the word has existed in English. For some other languages, we can add a few more millenia for the word’s respective counterparts. A friend on Facebook is simply someone you add, provided the other party agrees. However, the breakup is much simpler.

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I’m the Shindo

Last night, Facebook decided to go the Oprah route and hype up it’s new function with all the anticipation leading up to it. Of all days and times, Facebook opens the doors to creating a vanity URL on a Friday night, when people are out and about. In the early 21st century, that’s never an excuse as you can access the web with an iPhone or Crackberry, and if you’re seriously desperate for something more wieldy, a laptop, yours or someone else’s. Last night, at the tWineUp, a someone else offered his laptop for all present to register their vanity URLS. I did it from my iPhone. I finally secured a Shindo* name added on of these sites:

I am the Shindo, not ShindoTV. Finally. Well, I’d have to buy Shindo.Com for that to be true, but that would be expensive. Too expensive.

Screaming Girls, Breathing Went That-A-Way

breathingIt’s so easy to get caught up in the silliness that is Facebook: the quizzes, the applications, the five favorite things. They can be so engrossing and so distracting. Who can’t resist a Greenpatch or an invitation to get involved in someone’s Mafia Wars? Chris’s post about this trend just seemed reactionary. How could someone not like Easter Eggs? It’s like saying you don’t like Christmas.* Even I get to a point where I’ll see things have become utterly ridiculous, as people can now become a fan of breathing.

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La Même Chose: 25 Things

The universe officially ended yesterday when Brian succumbed to the Facebook meme. His doing the 25 things created a rip in the space-time continuum so great,  all our realities will soon collapse… Actually, I love how he subverted the trend by doing the post on his blog rather than post it as a note on Facebook.

I’ve been trying to ignore the meme after getting tagged several times. After being tagged for the seventh time, I figure why not. I have a blog, dammit, and I’m no Facebook Notes poster. Also, ShindoTV’s all mine, but I won’t belabor this point any further.

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Quoted in the Diva’s Diary

Barbarella‘s vlog on YouTube plugging her latest column of Diary of a Diva in the San Diego Reader.

This week in the San Diego Reader, I am quoted by Barbarella, the stylish blogger and columnist, in her latest entry of Diary of a Diva. She uses a snarky little tweet of mine to grab the reader’s attention in her discussion about online social networking where she compares it to the water cooler conversations at work, but with a little more control. You know, those conversations we all love to have on Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace. Often, when people ask those of us who use social networking what they are about, we’re often hard pressed to explain, especially when it comes to Twitter, and Barbarella does take some time to explore that issue.

Barbarella, I enjoy your stories and your witty contributions to the online conversation. Thanks for the quote.