The Doctor, Amazon.Com, Healthcare FAIL, etc
The new trailer for the upcoming Dr. Who with the newly regenerated 11th Doctor and new companion Amy Pond.

With the Christmas and New Year Specials giving David Tennant’s 10th Doctor a proper send-off and effectively ending the Russell T Davies’ era of Doctor Who, this trailer helps whet our appetites for the coming season with Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and Steven Moffat, who wrote some brilliant episodes in the past such as “The Girl in the Fireplace” and “Blink” among others, taking the helm as executive producer. The trailer above, recently posted to BBC America‘s Doctor Who site, definitely promises the season to be a good one. The previous trailer gives more of a dramatic sense with actual scenes, whereas this one simply sells it. Best Doctor Who teaser since Christopher Eccleston’s offer of a “trip of a lifetime.”

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The Fashion Show

For the past three weeks, I have been following The Fashion Show, Bravo’s slapped-together replacement for the recently departed Project Runway. It’s certainly a low-frills, bitchier show than it’s predecessor, especially with Isaac Mizrahi, who manages to make Michael Kors look like your nice gay uncle. That’s because he’s the other gay uncle, the one whose zingers really do sting. Like Kors, he is actually qualified to evaluate fashion as he has been in the industry for over 20 years. He judges the designs, but also gives some Tim Gunn-ish feedback when the designers are working. Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame, on the other hand, doesn’t fill Heidi Klum’s fashion icon shoes as she’s more of a self-styled fashionista who’s been to numerous shows. This is like throwing an armchair quarterback in to the game.  As for the third judge, thankfully they did away with fashion editors (the Anna Wintour parody would have been too much) and go for fashion executive Fern Mallis. Unlike Project Runway, where the weekly walk was for the benefit of the judges, The Fashion Show’s designers’s models parade their designs before not only before the judges, but also industry people and an audience.

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Friends Do Not Let Friends…

All right, I’ll spit it out: Friends do not let friends do “Ugly Sweater Parties.”

This year, I became aware of a theme party phenomenon known as the Ugly Sweater Party. In fact, if you Google the term, you’ll get result after result where bloggers have chosen to embarass themselves by showing the world what hideous garments they are capable of SELECTING and then WEARING! If you’ve never seen any of these images before, you are warned. You will be traumatized by this alleged exercize in irony.

I fail to see the irony in the ugly sweater contest. What is ironic? That the participants have such great taste that they willfully put on garments that rightfully belong in the landfill? Are they making fun of the badly dressed? Are they poking fun at those who wear gaudy sweaters with cutesy appliqués during the holidays to show their Christmas spirt? What? Only the wrong kind of people would actually wear them in a non-ironic setting? I better stop because my head is starting to hurt on the questions.

If you think you’re so clever and ironic by participating in the ugly sweater party, let me break it you. You are in bad taste. You picked the ugliest garment possible and you’re quite proud of your find. If you think you’re somehow better than the person who likes to be cute in those gaudy appliqué sweaters, think again. You’re much worse. There’s something sweet and earnest about someone who picks that sweater without irony. You, on the other hand, are mean and superior (in your mind, anyway). While we’re on the subject of mean and superior, imagine Clinton and Stacy of What Not To Wear hovering over you as you search for that ultimate party find. They are clever and ironic, and bitchy on top of that. Who do you think would win? Not you.

I refuse to post any images. The Internet is littered with pictures of people celebrating their bad taste and their affected irony, which they think will make them interesting. They should actually try to be interesting, but that’s too much work for some.

For those of you who don’t partake in the ugly sweater party, be a good friend and don’t let your friends do “ugly sweater parties.” It’ll only be embarassing in the long term. However, if you’re evil, go to the party sans sweater and take lots of pictures. They’ll think it’s great that you’re chronicling the event, but you have the goods against them whenever no one ever wants to admit they ever participated in this new and ghastly custom.

Making It Work: iPhone Couture

Getting the iPhone is one thing. Anyone can get one, provided that they have the right plan and a great deal of patience. The next step is to get a cover, and anyone can buy one. There are so many choices, especially if one has some money to throw away to accessorize. There are gummy protectors, leather holsters, and even eco-friendly, granola-ey sheaths. However, not everyone can make their own covers.

On Tuesday night, I set out to do a Project Runway of my own. My materials were a Geoffrey Beene necktie and a Geoffrey Beene dress shirt. My budget was $0 since I was recycling some fashion that fell into disuse. I could hear Tim Gunn telling me to “Make it Work.”

iPhone Couture

Of course, I had a few ideas. While I had a great time destroying a tie, I then turned my attention to a dress shirt to make a soft lining. I also thought some elements of the shirt could make clever features on the iPhone sheath. However, in the end, I settled on a more minimal design. The tie’s fabric can do the talking without any competing elements.

iPhone cover 3

With the lining, I made it work. It compliments the shell instead of competing with it.

No machines were used; everything was stitched together by hand. A steam iron (along with an ironing board) to smooth out the fabrics, a sharp air of scissors, and some pins to hold the fabric together helped me a great deal. Making sure the lining was integrated and the seams not showing was the most challenging part.

Why did I do it? For several reasons: I’m too cheap to buy a sheath and I like creating things. While I don’t have granola tastes, I like the idea of recycling fashion. Plus, the final result is something I’d use. It looks nice on its own and it doesn’t look out of place in a suit’s breast pocket. Very dandy indeed.