Resplendence Teaser

She is the one Supreme Being.

The Gold Sutras

She is a saint and much more.

Leaf 6

She is style.

Gold Lady's Magazine Spread

She is timeless.

Ever since I’ve seen a picture of the Gold Lady, I think about her all the time.

You will too.

Resplendence premiers on September 1, 2008, and will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on ShindoTV. Stay tuned.

Teaser will remain on Resplendence page until September 1, when a list of episodes will be posted.

Note: Some content NSFW.

Project Runway: Bright Lights, Big City

Project Runway has officially been around long enough for it to have generated some clichés. The one that gets used since Season 2 is the show loans contestants digital cameras and they are set loose in Manhattan to take pictures. From simply roaming around in broad daylight to perusing the Met, the idea is that inspiration can come anywhere at anytime. It seems that the producers and writers need a professional equivalent of this exercize.

Of course, the shutterbug clichés meets another one: bait and switch. Whenever Heidi Klum greets the designers with that clipped but chirpy hello, we know something is up. So do the designers, and the silence really is golden (pardon the cliché).

This week’s bait and switch – a night out on the town turns out to be too literal. No going out, no needed stress relief by dancing one’s ass off; just roaming around four key points in New York City taking pictures of the lights. They all seem to take it very well in their ponchos and rainboots. Perhaps they were compensated with a bottomless supply of cocktails after they returned to their suites.

Blayne, AKA Tweaker Beck, takes a beautiful picture of the light, but his dress becomes a walking Gay Pride flag on his model.

For some odd reason, Leanne reminds me of Cassandra, long haired girl who wore sundresses and Doc Martens, on Beavis and Butthead. Her slow, thoughtful way of speaking and even her odd inflection were a little too dead on. Unfortunately, I remember that more than her dress. Not good.

While I don’t care about Keith being ultra pushy during the snap shoot, I thought his dress was conceptually brilliant. It looked great on TV, but it must have sloppy close up. Or, Nina was reaching for a comment.

Emily of the Sarah and Tegan haircut goes. The ruffle is just wrong and now that’s a cliché.

This is where some will ask me to turn in my gay card: Sandra Bernhard as guest judge? Seriously?

Ugh, this season seems like it’s going to be full of celebrities trying to establish their fashionista cred. The only one who really has it so far is Natalie Portman.