Resplendence: Journal 8

Björk say’s she’s going to wear lipstick when she breaks up with someone. I don’t have to break up with anyone, but it sounds good anyway. It would be nice to go to Nordstrom or MAC and have a girl dust my face with powder, give m some eyeshadow, and most importantly, give me some lipstick. I don’t have to look like a girl. Rock star makeup would be fun. Even though Dylan gave me a book about lipsticl, I don’t want him to follow me around of be there, It will probably be a while before I get some makeup because I can’t go anywhere myself. Dylan’s afraid I would get lost and he tells me I can have a bus pass or work on getting a driver’s license when I become a permanent outpatient.

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Catching Up With Benny and the Gold Lady

On the first day of September last year, I began to serialize Resplendence, that mix of art and fiction, on ShindoTV. Overall, the images and the writing form a narrative of a mentally ill young man who’s found salvation in the Gold Lady. If someone’s going to have an imaginary friend, they have got to fabulous, which the Gold Lady is. As for Benny, who has placed his faith and hope in the Gold Lady, he’s on a journey to discover his fabulosity as tries to become sane on his terms:

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Resplendence: My Bald Avenger

In “Benny’s Narratives,” Benny introduces us to the fabulous Gold Lady while he experiences abuse at the hands of his psychiatrist, Dr. Marcus. In “My Bald Avenger,” Dr. Marcus has since been dismissed for malpractice, but Benny must deal with the aftermath. And, who better than the Gold Lady to help avenge the wrongs done to Benny? Like the first story, this one continues the narrative with image and text.

My Bald Avenger

The Gold Lady in “Benny’s Narratives” and “My Bald Avenger”