Flickr Overload

I’ve neglected my Flickr account far too long, so I’ve been making up for lost time this weekend. Here is a sampling of pictures I uploaded (which are a lot):

Like a Cylon ship in BSG
Lighting fixture at Mission Valley Library.

Miso 1
Miso paste, all you can buy, at Ranch 99.

Bollywood Jason 14
My friend Jason being an attention whore. Please don’t ask to me to explain more than that.

Sisters head to toe
A couple of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence fundraising for Pride.

Golden Hill sunset 4
One of the best things about living on the West Coast is seeing the sunsets.

No Flight Plan, No Problem

Here’s to continuing on. It’s too easy to get caught up in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other social networking, but there is a major disadvantage to those things. The same thing goes for Blogger, WordPress (dot Com) and all the other things available to us for free on the Net. Those things can get yanked out from under you at anytime. Posting on those sites means that there is very little control over your content and they can take it right away from you. If someone complains or if the social networking service doesn’t like you for any reason, they can revoke your account. I’ve learned this the hard way in the middle of the year when Helium.Com revoked my account, yet kept the articles I posted. Thankfully, I didn’t post many, but I learned a crucial lesson: PAY ATTENTION TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE.

While Facebook, Flickr, and even Twitter don’t even come close to the same level of evil and sliminess of Helium, one isn’t necessarily safe.

I suppose I’m not completely safe regarding the web service I’m hosted with, but if they ever decided they wanted to eject me, I’d still have my files. I can always move on to another service and keep posting. Also, I don’t have to worry about if I forfeited ownership to my own material. Nonetheless, back up.

I’ve already had a variety of topics I’ve been doing before I tried to move in the direction of the fiction blog. I figure it’s best to return to that, but how do I come up with a soundbyte answer to describe ShindoTV? I’ve never been good with the short, condensed answer that says it all, especially if a reporter had a microphone shoved in my face. The best answer I can think of right now is that is is my online magazine. It’s in the name too, so this is my broadcast.

Thank you for tuning in to ShindoTV.

Saturday in Photos

Some more photos, which I took a ton of on my iPhone. We’ve been having mild weather here in San Diego, which is unusual for August.

On Saturday, I met up with Brian and Sharon at the Tourmaline in PB* (Pacific Beach). Here’s a photo of the water:
Idyllic California Shore

An interesting arrangement of kelp in the water:

Afterwards, we were off to La Torta, a Mexican deli further south in PB. Food porn!
Sandwich 3

Then there was a visit to La Jolla Cove. At the Children’s Pool, or Casa Beach, some people went swimming there and hung out on the shore even though that’s an area where the seals like to beach (not things I’d do there):
Stupid people clearing out

It was cloudy late in the day and the horizon looked too much like one of those motivational posters. I’ll entitle it “Optimism.”

The Pink Berry recently opened in Hillcrest. Good frozen yogurt, but a place of cute overload:
Cutesy Wine Corkers

My last thing I had to do was stop by the Apple Store to pick up my computer. While in Fashion Valley, I saw this brilliant window display in front of Saks:
Fall Preview

*San Diegans often refer to Pacific Beach as PB. Definitely part of the local dialect.

Shindo Goes To Washington: Just came home.

Overall, I had a very good time in Washington DC. I got to see some things, meet Brian and Fredo, and even got caught out in a storm. I saw some things I wanted to see, missed some others, but this trip definitely confirmed the fondness I developed for the city the last time I was there.

I had a very safe trip home, despite that airports were on Orange Alert. It was weird to hear a man calmly announce this over the PA system at BWI. Also, security was more stringent than usual.

I’ll blog more about it later, but here are some pics.


No Washington DC-related post would be complete without a photo of the Metro. It was easy to ride as ever, even easier as I’ve done this before.

Lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl

The Half Smoke, made famous by Bill Cosby, and Cheese Fries from Ben’s Chili Bowl. It was good! You should see the pic where the wax paper in this basket is almost cleaned out.

Boyd Gordon Verizon Center Ad

Like many cities, Washington can’t escape major venues with corporate names attached. In Southern California, we have the Staples Center and Petco Park to name a few. For Washington, there is the lovely Verizon Center in Chinatown. This handsome man, as part of the Washington Capitals, is a regular.

National Cathedral's seen from the Bishop's Garden

The last time, I was a good Episcopalian and went inside the the National Cathedral. This time, I looked for the Darth Vader gargoyle (which I couldn’t find), and then visited the Bishop’s Garden.

Appropriated Warhol

Brillo Boxes by Warhol

This is a sequel of sorts to a post from last year where I posted some pictures of the Metro in response to a post Brian wrote. I took this picture around the same time period as those of the Foggy Bottom station. This one’s taken in the Corcoran Gallery. There was an Andy Warhol exhibit and just as I was going to snap a picture of a Dolly Parton silkscreen, the security guard told me I couldn’t take any pictures. I put the camera into my pocket, looked at more paintings until I came into this room. I looked in both directions to see if any guards were coming, and there were none, so I quickly took this picture. It is one my favorite pictures that I have taken.

International Postcard Reveal

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Japonaiserie 2, originally uploaded by shindohd.

A week ago, I sent a postcard to my first international recipient. Yesterday, Sara Ringham, a “Yaussie” in New South Wales, confirmed that she got this creation of mine.

I’m glad to have made a new friend in the blogosphere.

Sara, it makes my day to hear that that the postcard made your day. Hang in there. Good luck on the job search.

If you’re interested in doing the postcard swap, you can go to Post Due dot Com. If you’re interested in getting postcards from me, e-mail me at shindotv at mac dot com. You can also send postcards to me at:

shinichi evans
PO Box 125003
san diego, ca 92112-5003

Morning is Broken

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Morning is Broken 1, originally uploaded by shindohd.

This photo was taken sometime after 7am this morning. There will be some brilliant sunrises for a while, thanks to the fires. Today, things “return to normal” with schools reopening. I’m sure I’ll learn things are far from normal today and tomorrow with students.

Morning is Broken 4


To Help
The Episcopal Relief Fund is one of several organizations responding to the fires this week. They have responded to the tsunamis of 2004 and 2005 and Hurricane Katrina, and donating to them is a way to help. There are people who have lost their homes and even as things return to normal for most people in Southern California, it isn’t that way for them.