So Hard

In following up with one of Wednesday’s posts, “You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk,” I’ve thought about some of the issues, such as even posting some detail what happened. I’ve tried to protect the innocent/guilty with omitting the name and any more incriminating details. That part’s always a challenge and even then, readers figure it out. It’s definitely the case with one professor from my graduate school who once posted on the drunken antics of one her colleagues, though a second-hand narrative from her students. She omitted the name, but anyone acquainted with the university’s English Department could figure it out who this guy was.

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You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk

I’ve been writing about paper forms of communication in several of my recent posts, but technological forms of communication are still an urgent issue. One of the most commonly used technology is the telephone in its various incarnations over the past one and half centuries. It’s also among the most commonly abused.

Disclaimer: The numbers displayed in the image above do not belong to any of my friends. 1/14/08, 11:00am.

Drunk phone calls are always fun to get. Actually, they’re not. One of the most dangerous things about mobile phones, especially in the hands of the inebriated, is the ease of getting a hold of people and having no qualms about harassing them. Even better yet is when they leave those messages on the voicemail system that they’ll have no memory of, yet are all too painful for the recipients.

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Paper? Pen? Write? That’s Right

img_0206Early on this year, there are some people in my life I feel compelled to write to and it’s certainly not by e-mail. For them, I plan to use paper, pen, and our trusty postal system. That means, actually write letters.

Why do it? Sure it’s going to cost some in paper and stamps, but isn’t Internet usage cheaper? Yes and no. Despite the urban legends, there isn’t a charge to send and e-mail and I’m not aware of any pending cyber-tax. However, many of us pay for e-mail in that we pay a lot of fees for internet usage. Some people do all their e-mail from work. Fine, but those us who don’t have that privilege, we pay for home internet signals and even data plans for our phones. Also, some places like to charge money for WIFI signals, and even if they don’t, we all wind up spending more money in coffee. It’s a false economy for sure.

Besides, which makes your day more – a paper letter from someone you care about or an e-mail from them. I’ll take paper over bytes any day.

Sunnin, West LA

While our main objective was to get to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, my friend Brian (Sharon’s boyfriend) and I decided to stop by Sunnin Lebanese CafĂ© in West Los Angeles. It’s a longtime favorite restaurant of Brian’s, going back to his undergraduate days. It’s the second time I’ve eaten there. Sunnin is light on the wallet, has an interesting variety, and is a satisfying eat for the money.

The owner was offering some kind of spinach special today, but neither of us were feeling very adventurous. It was hard to go wrong with anything from their sandwich selection and also a few of the appetizers. We got four of the appetizers and shared them between us.
Some appetizers Rekakat
First photo, clockwise: Baba ganoush, pita, hummus, stuffed grape leaves . Second Photo: Rekakat.

Brian had the falafel sandwhich (not pictured), while I went with the beef shwarma. As far as the shwarma offerings in various San Diego places – no comparison. This one is too good, almost putting me in a food coma.
Beef Schwarma Sanwich Foiled Beef Shwarma Sandwich unfoiled

I haven’t been by a Starbucks yesterday morning, but no problem. Who needs the Christmas blend when you can have the thick Turkish coffee in a tiny cup. That small shot kept me going all day, and even drinking the sludge was part of the fun. Finishing things off, there was this goat milk pudding with honey and pistachio nuts. I don’t know what the name of it, but it was absolutely delicious.
Turkish Coffee Goat Cheese pudding with honey and pistacchios

Overall, good food, good times, minimal bill shock. Now if I can only find somewhere as good as Sunnin in San Diego.

At the Linkery – Again

I went to the Linkery the second time this month. Last week, it was a crowded dinner party affair for Jen and I got to meet some interesting people. This time, I met up with my longtime friends Sharon and Nadia. I haven’t had the chance to hang out with both of them at the same time in a while, so it was nice. Plus, I haven’t been able to go out to lunchtime foodie adventures with Sharon in a while, and going out with her for lunch or dinner is always fun.

Much to Nadia’s amusement, Sharon and I took pictures of the food, starting with the chorizo and goat cheese flat bread. This was our starter.

Nadia ordered the picnic plate with the potato salad and cole slaw. This time, there was no confusion.

I ordered the same thing as I did last time. I freely shared the sauerkraut with my friends. Sauerkraut’s going to have it’s day and Trader Joe’s will stock it. Only, they don’t carry it now. Trader Joe’s, how do you expect me to replicate this $$ experience on the cheap?

Sharon ordered the butternut squash with Israeli couscous. Wonderful vegetarian option, but Sharon has a link.

After dinner, before dessert, Sharon gave us some Dove’s chocolates. The insides of the wrappers were like fortune cookies.

Mine said “Be Fearless” and “Smile Before You Go To Bed. You’ll Sleep Better.”

Sharon’s read, “There’s a time for compromise. It’s called later.”


Nadia’s read, “Send a love letter this week.”
Dessert was lovely. Sharon, Nadia, and I all shared the carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing.

While the food was great, the best part of the evening was being able to catch up with Sharon and Nadia. Happy Holidays, friends.