Man on the Verge

Photo by Paul Shoul, courtesy Lloyd Cole

I’ve borrowed a few images from Lloyd Cole‘s website for a fun Saturday post. I’ve made it pretty clear in the past I’m a big fan of his music, as I’ve posted vids from time to time. I’ve also been playing him nonstop on my iPod—some of that stuff is perfect for down moods and feeling worn out. I’m sure quoting him with “Put me in the ground…” is a sign of that, but don’t take me literally. He’s so damn bookish at times. As for the photos, he’s a sexy man at any age.

I check his weblog from time to time to see what’s new with him, and he’s planning to release a compilation of b-sides, covers, and alternate versions of singles early next year. Gotta love the title: Cleaning Out The Ashtrays.

Photo by David Sims, courtesy Lloyd Cole

For more images, visit Lloyd Cole‘s gallery

Most Viewed of My Flickr Pics

Here are my top ten most viewed pics on Flickr as of today. This list will probably still be the same tomorrow, just different numbers.

1. Death Proof Amputee
Death Proof
Yes, this girl really was an amputee. This was no trick or optical illusion. She danced around the display promoting Death Proof at San Diego Comic-Con.

2. Ginch Gonch Boys
God Bless Mexico
I guess I’m not with it, but I recently found out these were the Ginch Gonch boys (and that’s what they’re wearing). They were wandering around the San Diego Pride Festival in their near nakedness when I took this pic.

3. Handsome Superman
Superman at DC Comics exhibit
I caught this handsome Superman at Comic-Con and he gave me the classic Superman pose.

4. Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Leia, Obi Wan, and Padme in front of Jabba
Three Star Wars character impersonators happened to be in front of Jabba when I took this pic. Princess Leia obviously had a lot to do with this pic’s popularity.

5. Superman and Trinity
Superman and Trinity
This was a fun pairing of superheroes from different universes.

6. Rough Trade
Rough Trade
Don’t know much about this guy except he was waiting for something or someone during Pride weekend.

7. Wolverine x 2
Wolverine x 2
Two Wolverines for the price of one. Taken at Comic-Con.

8. Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
Annie Lennox meets Vulcan
She was an actress in a Star Trek fan fic featuring George Takei. Taken at Comic-Con.

9. Jabba and Vampira
Jabba with Vampira
If only Jabba came by this woman in Star Wars, he’d never need to chain the other women to his throne, including Princess Leia. Taken at Comic-Con.

10. Free Hugs
Free Hugs
These two young women were giving free hugs during Comic-Con.

Digitally Generated Hotness

I’ve seen the Beowulf trailer a few times on TV, and Danish/Old English mythical hero is hot. At least in some shots he is. In a few scenes, the characters appear somewhat realistic, while in others, they look like very detailed CGI. Motion capture, getting closer to perfection, has a lot to do with it. Which lead us to the titular character portrayed by Ray Winstone. He’s nowhere as appealing in real life, and I never knew who he was until I went on the film’s website. Angelina Jolie, whose character gives birth to a pile of melted cheese, retains her most of her original appearance, while Winstone is remade as a young and virile Teutonic fantasy. Talk about movie magic.


Warning: Adult Content. This post contains images from Vanity Fair (right below) and Tom Ford’s Extreme for Men ad campaign. These high fashion images are not pornography; however, there are some body parts including a man’s ass. You have been warned.
The presentation of the Tom Ford persona has always confounded me, especially with the Feb 2006 issue of Vanity Fair where he appears fully clothed with two nude women (Keira Nightly and Scarlet Johannson). As far as looks go, his signature style is sexy (on him) – well cut hair, two day beard, and crumpled up white shirts in elegant black suits. As an openly gay fashion designer, he has toyed with the public’s perception of his sexuality with some very heterosexual images, such as the cover of Vanity Fair.

The ad campaign for Extreme for Men continues this blurring of Tom Ford’s image as he’s featured in a double page ad where his shirt is open and a woman’s hand is on his chest. Turn the page and Tom Ford’s, um, bottle is lodged in the woman’s pudendum.


There’s another ad where the woman looks like she’s getting titty fucked.
Of course, Tom Ford has been criticized for objectifying women in these ads. Not surprisingly, these ads are marketed to straight men. However, Tom Ford claims he’s an equal opportunity objectifier and has created a version of the ad with a man’s ass. The hands on the ass look like they belong to Ford.
Read some reactions to the male ad in the Just Us Boys forum.

Tom Ford is the very macho coverboy in this month’s Out. You can read up on him, see some images of him posing with models in a boxing theme, but you can’t see the piece de resistance online: him naked in the shower with the boxers. You’ll have to buy the print version for that.

Correction: The online version of Out‘s article on Tom Ford features the shower shot.