My Celebrity Look-Alikes

This is completely silly, just like taking a quiz to find out how much percent evil are you. I went through MyHeritage.Com and decided to play around with the face recognition to see what which celebrities resemble me. I don’t completely buy it, but in some cases it’s flattering while in others it’s just disturbing. I’ll let the first widget speak for me on this one, as I don’t want to resemble this person in any way at all. I even have some female look-alikes, which is really cool.

There was a tenth look-alike, which thankfully isn’t here. I don’t want to resemble her.

Well, at least I get to kill Kenny. This one is one of the more interesting lists.

Same person, three photos, and different results, some of which were fun and flattering. MyHeritage explains face recognition on their site. Take it with the proverbial grain of salt and have fun.

Featured on Helium: My article on iPod

I write articles for Helium, which is really cool. This gives writers an opportunity to put their writing out there and contribute to collective knowledge. Wikipedia also affords a similiar opportunity; however, it is an encyclopedia and the writing and the anonymity of the writer reflects that. At Helium, the nature of writing is freelance and the writer has an opportunity to build their portfolio in their name.

Sometime ago, I wrote an article giving a complete guide to the iPod. While I only wrote under a thousand words, I gave all the information a user would need if they wanted to buy an iPod. Plus, my enthusiasm for the product is very evident.

Today, my article is featured on Helium’s main page. Scroll down and look for the category “Consumer Electronics.” My article is rated #1 of nine, which is a good feeling indeed. Check it out.


OK, what the hell do people do in MySpace land?

Everyone has a profile in that Internet wasteland, myself included. While it is the domain of the late teens, college kids, and the twenty somethings, it has caught on with types you’d least expect, such as moms and the very professional. A friend of mine in Dowtown, a successful forty-something, even has a profile with a list of his friends, most of whom I know in real life.

I created my profile, did blog “re-runs” for a while, and then forgot about it due to the hectic pace of life. But somehow my friend found my profile and told me he sent me a request to add him as a friend. I guess he felt I was ignoring him.

I feel like I’m speaking a foreign language when it comes to MySpace. One’s profile is essentially what personal websites were in the 1990’s, quite ubiquitous. However, very little content is required. All one has to do is list their biographical stats, put down their interests, and show off their list of friends. “Friends” in MySpace speak, are people one has online connections with on their profile. Being “friends” is an agreement. One can make requests, but the other has to approve. While people who know each other in real life do this anyway in MySpace land, there are friendship agreements between total strangers. The funnest thing about the friends list is who is on the Top 4, 8, 12, etc. People feel slighted if someone does not show up on their friends’ top list. Big deal. Everyone knows those lists are who looks cool as friends.

MySpace – goes to show that “Generation Me” is not limited to twenty somethings or the Gen X/Gen Y age bracket. It’s all encompassing. And we all seem to have a profile.