My LiveJournal, RIP

I wish I could say that I was blogging continuously on my LiveJournal page since 2001. Far from the truth. I’ve only had a small handful of posts from the time I used LJ and I retconned them to ShindoTV. Perhaps the next thing I should do is delete the MySpace account. Take those digital horses out to pasture and shoot them.

PS 1:50am
I put the MySpace pages to rest. I had two accounts that were collecting virtual dust. Good riddance.

Quoted in the Diva’s Diary

Barbarella‘s vlog on YouTube plugging her latest column of Diary of a Diva in the San Diego Reader.

This week in the San Diego Reader, I am quoted by Barbarella, the stylish blogger and columnist, in her latest entry of Diary of a Diva. She uses a snarky little tweet of mine to grab the reader’s attention in her discussion about online social networking where she compares it to the water cooler conversations at work, but with a little more control. You know, those conversations we all love to have on Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace. Often, when people ask those of us who use social networking what they are about, we’re often hard pressed to explain, especially when it comes to Twitter, and Barbarella does take some time to explore that issue.

Barbarella, I enjoy your stories and your witty contributions to the online conversation. Thanks for the quote.

No Flight Plan, No Problem

Here’s to continuing on. It’s too easy to get caught up in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other social networking, but there is a major disadvantage to those things. The same thing goes for Blogger, WordPress (dot Com) and all the other things available to us for free on the Net. Those things can get yanked out from under you at anytime. Posting on those sites means that there is very little control over your content and they can take it right away from you. If someone complains or if the social networking service doesn’t like you for any reason, they can revoke your account. I’ve learned this the hard way in the middle of the year when Helium.Com revoked my account, yet kept the articles I posted. Thankfully, I didn’t post many, but I learned a crucial lesson: PAY ATTENTION TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE.

While Facebook, Flickr, and even Twitter don’t even come close to the same level of evil and sliminess of Helium, one isn’t necessarily safe.

I suppose I’m not completely safe regarding the web service I’m hosted with, but if they ever decided they wanted to eject me, I’d still have my files. I can always move on to another service and keep posting. Also, I don’t have to worry about if I forfeited ownership to my own material. Nonetheless, back up.

I’ve already had a variety of topics I’ve been doing before I tried to move in the direction of the fiction blog. I figure it’s best to return to that, but how do I come up with a soundbyte answer to describe ShindoTV? I’ve never been good with the short, condensed answer that says it all, especially if a reporter had a microphone shoved in my face. The best answer I can think of right now is that is is my online magazine. It’s in the name too, so this is my broadcast.

Thank you for tuning in to ShindoTV.