That’s Nice…

Love ya, Perez, but I just don’t give a damn about your Britney Blackout. It’s the fires. They’ve more or less eclipsed her and the trainwreck we’ve all been following. I’m glad you’re both ok, and I’ll be more in the mood for your symbiotic relationship when things are more normal.

Chris Crocker Sued For $1 Million?

Whoever’s doing this, good luck on collecting. I just came across Perez Hilton‘s breaking news on Chris Crocker when going through my YouTube subscriptions.

Like his allegations about Castro being dead, Perez isn’t spilling the beans on where he got his info about Chris Crocker. The only thing Perez is absolutely clear about is refusing to write about Chris “Please Leave Britney Alone” in his blog. Like someone else I know, he’s officially declared Crocker’s 15 minutes of fame over.

Update: TMZ has all the sleazy details on the lawsuit.

For a change of pace and a little bit of eye candy visuals, watch What The Buck‘s radio interview with Albert Reed.

Halloween Costume Idea

I think I’m going to be Perez Hilton for Halloween. Not definite, but it sounds like fun. Coming up with the idea is the easy part. Then, there’s the logistics*:

  • Hair – Is this the excuse I need to bleach my hair and then dye it some garish color? I don’t want to have to cured of it the next day (i.e. get a buzz).
  • Eyes – He has blue eyes, I have brown. I’m not going to wear contacts.
  • Clothes – The key is to dress egregiously and unaplogetically bad. The trick is to put together a fashion casualty ensemble that screams Perez!
  • Affect – A big smile and a bitchy attitude is all I need to make the transformation complete.
  • Blog – Pink blog theme and a parody of his logo will help my blog be in costume as well during the week Halloween falls on.

Those are the basics. If any of you have any helpful suggesstions, please send them my way.

*I know there isn’t subject/verb agreement here, so sue me!

He Needs A Warhol Award

Chris Crocker is the most talked about person on YouTube, thanks to the news. I even pulled a Chris Crocker in one of my classes when I cried and pleaded with them to staple their papers together when they turn in their assignments (I nearly lost some pages). They got my bad joke. They saw the vid.

Of course, everyone can’t take their eyes off Chris Crocker as there are myriads of parodies and responses.

Here, Seth Green urges people to leave Chris Crocker alone. I love how he fixes his eyeliner during pauses.

Chris Crocker‘s response to Fox News is very articulate with some trenchantly witty moments. Kudos to him for calling out Fox darling Ann Coulter for having an Adam’s Apple!

I’d love to see him kick Coulter’s ass. I don’t think she’d even stand a chance against him in a verbal sparring match.

Here’s a response to Chris Crocker’s response to Fox News. File under cute but dumb.

Take it like a man? Is this joker with the cell phone mike capable of taking it like a man? Sorry, bad joke.

There needs to some kind of Warhol award for Chris Crocker. What would it look like anyway? A soup can? Andy’s head with big silver hair? A banana? It should be fun, something Warholian for sure.

Here’s Perez Hilton’s take on the (in)famous Chris Crocker vid.