Future Perfect, Past Unreal Conditional

In the future, everything will be perfect, right? That’s not how the future perfect works. Yesterday, I had a difficult time trying to explain this verb tense construction to my students at the language school. All I knew was that I would liked to have liked to have explained this without a hitch.

It’s a verb tense that’s used all the time by native speakers of English. There’s a goal, an expectation, some kind of deadline to meet implied. Here is the basic construction:

Subject + will + have + past participle
Example: Tomorrow, I will have completed all my paperwork.

Subject + be (am/is/are) + going to + have + past participle
Example: I am going to be finished with my project tomorrow.

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Languor is Chic

It’s one of those awful things – I never appreciate free time until I have none. Having the summer gig at the language school and the night class at the urban college are great as they provide me with some income until the fall. For the urban college class, I read lots of material for discussion and have a never ending supply of papers to grade. Plus, I volunteer a few hours a week at my local branch library.

Getting into the rhythm of this during the past few weeks makes me sleepy. I’m not a morning person and now I find myself having to wake up much earlier than 8am. It’s not as bad as it was a few summers ago when I was waking up 3 or 4am and I was doing lots of prep work before a super-early summer class at the urban college. That caused me to to have some all-day, all-night sleep-a-thons at least two times. One of them was sleeping in on a friend’s birthday party. The worst that happened to me recently was that I slept in on an appointment to get a haircut. I called the guy up, I got there ASAP, and he squeezed me in with my lateness. He was booked and it was cool of him to do that. I just wouldn’t make a habit of it. Just to cover myself next month, I had him book me an hour later. Hopefully, no more sleep-a-thons.

I miss taking some time to prepare for the night class. More importantly, I miss time to dick around and give myself time to concentrate on reading wonderful books and literature. The reality is, I frittered too much of my time away, especially on watching stupid reality TV on Bravo. Or Twitter and Facebook. Given that I don’t have an in-front-of-the-computer job, being on these social networks is a horrible waste of time. Twitter’s great on the iPhone during breaks, but Facebook doesn’t show as well. When I had more time, I constantly thought about how to make better use of time. Now with less time, I think about what to do in the hours in-between things. Though, honestly, sometimes all I need to do is give myself a break.

That said, goodnight, everyone. I know it will be morning by the time most of you read this.

First Days, Official Victimhood, Et Cetera


So far, I’ve survived the first couple of days of class. It’s not like it’s my first day, as I’ve done several semesters of teaching community college courses. I’ve been busy with paperwork, student writing samples, and putting in lots of duplicating requests, but I’ve also decided to apply some lessons I learned the hard way from previous semesters.

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Paper? Pen? Write? That’s Right

img_0206Early on this year, there are some people in my life I feel compelled to write to and it’s certainly not by e-mail. For them, I plan to use paper, pen, and our trusty postal system. That means, actually write letters.

Why do it? Sure it’s going to cost some in paper and stamps, but isn’t Internet usage cheaper? Yes and no. Despite the urban legends, there isn’t a charge to send and e-mail and I’m not aware of any pending cyber-tax. However, many of us pay for e-mail in that we pay a lot of fees for internet usage. Some people do all their e-mail from work. Fine, but those us who don’t have that privilege, we pay for home internet signals and even data plans for our phones. Also, some places like to charge money for WIFI signals, and even if they don’t, we all wind up spending more money in coffee. It’s a false economy for sure.

Besides, which makes your day more – a paper letter from someone you care about or an e-mail from them. I’ll take paper over bytes any day.

Happy New Year’s from ShindoTV!


It’s a new year, and hopefully a fresh start (of sorts). I’ve got my health, I’ve got work, but no telling how long either’s going to last with the economic downturn carried over from last year. However, that’s as much pessimism I’ll commit to text.

This year, I would like to deal with procrastination, which is the core of many new year’s resolutions. I could name all my goals, but it all boils down to this issue. I’ve always put things off, and it’s a miracle that I’ve even finished high school, especially in my senior year. When I was in college, activities such as cramming for exams and last-minute term papers were such time honored traditions that I kind of felt normal. In graduate school, I found that such behavior almost killed me.

When I was in my first year of the MFA program, I took an incomplete in a lit seminar on the condition I’d eventually turn in my paper. Of course, one has a year to fulfill the incomplete, so this essay I was supposed to write was a monkey on my back. I thought about it every day and I kept putting it off until I absolutely had to write it and turn it in, which was in the last few days it was due. Needless to say, I would not ever do it again.

But, I do stuff like that paper all the time in my life. I let clutter pile up until it’s unbearable, I put off grading papers or making lesson plans until the last possible hour, I intended to go to the gym and not gone, and I keep meaning to get myself into a writing routine. I then hate myself for not following through on these things.

So, I think you get an idea of what I want to get done. However, dealing with procrastination is the start of breaking a multitude of bad habits, even if they don’t all go away in 2009.

With that said, “Happy New Year’s.” I hope you find a fresh start this year as well.